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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Ghismunda chooses Guiscardo as her lover, what complicates their relationship?
(a) they must meet in secret.
(b) Ghismunda becomes pregnant.
(c) Guiscardo's father is Tancredi's mortal enemy.
(d) they have nowhere to meet.

2. Why does Rustico agree to allow Alibech to remain with him?
(a) he is lecherous and wants to seduce her.
(b) he is eager to test his willpower against her beauty.
(c) he is blind and cannot see her beauty.
(d) he is eager to save her soul.

3. What happens to Marato on board a ship?
(a) he is shot.
(b) he is talked into selling Alatiel.
(c) he is hung.
(d) he is thrown overboard.

4. What do the nuns do because they think Masetto is deaf?
(a) poke fun at him.
(b) teach him to write.
(c) use sign language.
(d) peek at him in his bath.

5. Why does Saladin go to Melchisedech?
(a) he is a Jewish money lender.
(b) he is a wise fortune teller.
(c) he has a map of great treasure.
(d) he is a high priest.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who comes to the aid of the duke when war is proclaimed?

2. Where does Abraham insist on going to find out about Christianity?

3. How does Monna Lisetta meet Brother Alberto?

4. How does Isabetta learn of Lorenzo's fate?

5. What do the brothers do to Isabetta's lover?

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