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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the discovery of Saladin, the Sultan of Babylon?
(a) he has more money than he can use.
(b) his wives are wearing old clothes.
(c) his people are giving him too much respect.
(d) his treasury is empty.

2. Who does Pietro take up with after he loses all his money and clothes?
(a) some grave robbers.
(b) some sorcerers.
(c) some gamblers.
(d) some highwaymen.

3. What are the three holy laws Saladin challenges Melchisedech to name as the one with the most truths?
(a) the law of Nature, of the Gods, or the Professors.
(b) the law of the Christians, the Jews, or the Hindus.
(c) the law of the Jews, Saracens, or Christians.
(d) the law of the church, the state, or the royalty.

4. Who is Alatiel's next lover after Constanzo?
(a) a king.
(b) a merchant.
(c) a general.
(d) a baron.

5. What does Pietro end up with that is worth more than the money he lost?
(a) a bag of silver.
(b) a prize horse.
(c) a gold crown.
(d) a ruby ring.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who discovers what the monk is doing?

2. Where does Ser Ciappelletto find lodging in Burgundy?

3. What does the foolish Alibech think she is doing when she allows the monk to have his way with her?

4. Where does Pietro go to ply his trade?

5. Who determines who will tell the stories on each successive night?

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