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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pietro end up with that is worth more than the money he lost?
(a) a ruby ring.
(b) a gold crown.
(c) a prize horse.
(d) a bag of silver.

2. Who is Alatiel's next lover after Constanzo?
(a) a merchant.
(b) a baron.
(c) a general.
(d) a king.

3. How does a prostitute deceive Pietro?
(a) by cliaming to be in great distress.
(b) by claiming to be a fortune teller.
(c) by claiming to be his long lost sister.
(d) by claiming to be his late brother's mistress.

4. What is the premise of the novel that results in rounds of story telling?
(a) 7 women and 3 children are banished from Florence society.
(b) 7 women and 7 men go on holiday together.
(c) 7 young women and 3 men leave Florence to escape the plague.
(d) 7 men and 3 young women leave Rome to escape the plague.

5. Why does the abbot never punish the monk?
(a) because he had the woman as well.
(b) because the monk caught him with a boy.
(c) because he could not prove what the monk had done.
(d) because he feared the community would reject the monastery.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Abraham conclude that the Christian religion is strong and will last?

2. Why does Giannotto think it is so necessary to convert Abraham?

3. Who murders Pericone, Alatiel's first lover?

4. How does Ciappelletto's confession later hoodwink the church?

5. Who discovers what the monk is doing?

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