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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the next rival for the favor of Alatiel?
(a) a soldier in the prince's honor guard.
(b) the emperor of Constantinople.
(c) a prince who is a cousin of the duke.
(d) a duke who is a cousin to the prince.

2. What is the premise of the novel that results in rounds of story telling?
(a) 7 young women and 3 men leave Florence to escape the plague.
(b) 7 women and 7 men go on holiday together.
(c) 7 women and 3 children are banished from Florence society.
(d) 7 men and 3 young women leave Rome to escape the plague.

3. What causes the women of Alibech's town to laugh when she returns after the deaths of her family members?
(a) she tells them that she has a hell to hide the Devil.
(b) she tells them that she met God in the desert.
(c) she tells them how she has been serving God.
(d) she tells them that she fell in love with a monk.

4. What do the nuns do because they think Masetto is deaf?
(a) teach him to write.
(b) peek at him in his bath.
(c) poke fun at him.
(d) use sign language.

5. How does Ciappelletto's confession later hoodwink the church?
(a) Ciappelletto promises a donation he never makes.
(b) Ciappelletto is buried in the Vatican.
(c) Ciappelletto becomes a martyr and is later canonized.
(d) Ciappelletto becomes a model for all businessmen.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the first holy man send Alibech?

2. Why is Alatiel not happy with the duke after they go to Athens?

3. What happens to Pietro when he stays the night at the woman's house?

4. How does Saladin honor Melchisedech?

5. Why does Abraham conclude that the Christian religion is strong and will last?

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