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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Abraham conclude that the Christian religion is strong and will last?
(a) it leads the way in educating the people.
(b) it survives the excesses of the clergy.
(c) it has very beautiful churches.
(d) it accomodates Jews.

2. Where does the monk take a woman?
(a) to her bedroom.
(b) to his cell.
(c) to a garden.
(d) to an inn.

3. What does Giannotto di Civigni want to do?
(a) convert his Jewish friend, Abraham, to Christianity.
(b) go into business with his friend, Abraham.
(c) visit his friend, Abraham, in Jerusalem.
(d) become a Jew like his friend, Abraham.

4. Why does the King determine that no one should ever know about all the men and unfortunate circumstances in Alatiel's life?
(a) because she could not speak the language of her captors.
(b) because the men who knew who she was are all dead.
(c) because she always wore a veil.
(d) because she never told anyone who she was.

5. After the trouble at sea, what happens to the men who love Alatiel?
(a) most of them sell her to other men.
(b) most of them are murdered so she can be taken.
(c) most of them commit suicide.
(d) most of them abandon her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the abbot never punish the monk?

2. Who murders Pericone, Alatiel's first lover?

3. When Abraham returns, what does he want to do that surprises Giannotto?

4. Where does Abraham insist on going to find out about Christianity?

5. What does the foolish girl, Alibech, want to do?

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