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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who determines who will tell the stories on each successive night?
(a) the person chosen as queen or king for the next night.
(b) the group by popular vote.
(c) the last person to tell a stroy the night before.
(d) the oldest of the 7 women and 3 men.

2. What does Rustico soon discover?
(a) that his willpower is not strong enough to resist Alibech.
(b) that Alibech is not as beautiful as he first thought.
(c) that he can watch Alibech at her bath.
(d) that Alibech snores and talks in her sleep.

3. What does Giannotto di Civigni want to do?
(a) visit his friend, Abraham, in Jerusalem.
(b) convert his Jewish friend, Abraham, to Christianity.
(c) go into business with his friend, Abraham.
(d) become a Jew like his friend, Abraham.

4. Who does Alatiel eventually meet?
(a) the Prince of Wales who recognizes her.
(b) the sultan of Brunei who recognizes her.
(c) the King of France who recognizes her.
(d) the King of Cyprus who recognizes her.

5. Who does Pietro take up with after he loses all his money and clothes?
(a) some highwaymen.
(b) some grave robbers.
(c) some gamblers.
(d) some sorcerers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Saladin go to Melchisedech?

2. Why does Nuto leave the convent where he was the gardener?

3. What is the premise of the novel that results in rounds of story telling?

4. Why does Giannotto think it is so necessary to convert Abraham?

5. How does Ser Ciappelletto get a priest to absolve him?

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