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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Ser Ciappelletto find lodging in Burgundy?
(a) in an expensive inn that Musciatto pays for.
(b) with a needy widow.
(c) with two Florentine brothers.
(d) with two Franciscan friars.

2. Why is Masetto sleeping in the garden when the abbess finds him and begins to lust after him?
(a) he is lazy and is taking rest in the orchard.
(b) he has been drinking the nun's wine.
(c) he has been working too hard in the orchard.
(d) he has been servicing eight nuns and is tired.

3. When Abraham returns, what does he want to do that surprises Giannotto?
(a) he wants to reaffirm his Jewish faith.
(b) he wants to convert to Christianity.
(c) he wants to become a monk.
(d) he wants to confront a rabbi.

4. Why does Constanzo leave the battle and return to the duke's house?
(a) he has fallen in love with Alatiel.
(b) he comes to protect the women and children.
(c) he becomes deathly ill.
(d) he changes his mind about fighting.

5. Who determines who will tell the stories on each successive night?
(a) the oldest of the 7 women and 3 men.
(b) the person chosen as queen or king for the next night.
(c) the last person to tell a stroy the night before.
(d) the group by popular vote.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the first holy man send Alibech away?

2. How does Alatiel manage to marry the King of Algarve after all?

3. What causes the women of Alibech's town to laugh when she returns after the deaths of her family members?

4. Who is Alatiel?

5. What does Rustico tell Alibech to do?

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