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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As they travel along, what do Rabatta and Bondone begin to do?
(a) discuss their respective businesses.
(b) sing songs to keep up their courage.
(c) insult each other about their looks.
(d) play a guessing game.

2. Who is Alatiel's next lover after Constanzo?
(a) a baron.
(b) a general.
(c) a king.
(d) a merchant.

3. What do the two men who know Brother Onion plan to do?
(a) exchange the white feather for a black one.
(b) exchange the feather for a turkey feather.
(c) slip into his room and steal the feather.
(d) glue the lid shut on the box containing the feather.

4. What happens when Brother Onion reaches into the box supposedly containing Gabriel's feather?
(a) he faints dead away.
(b) he falls to pieces.
(c) he becomes frightened.
(d) he pulls out a piece of charcoal.

5. Why is Alatiel not happy with the duke after they go to Athens?
(a) he never allows her to leave the villa in Athens.
(b) he never leaves her side in Athens.
(c) he grows fat and lazy in Athens.
(d) he has a wife in Athens and keeps her as a mistress.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Tancredi discover his daughter's affair with Guiscardo?

2. Why do the villagers look forward to the arrival of the monk from St. Anthony's monastery?

3. What is Monna Lisetta's character like?

4. How many men actually had Alatiel before she was married?

5. What story does Alberto tell Monna Lisetta?

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