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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Rabatta and Bondone meet on the road to Florence, what happens to cause them to seek shelter?
(a) a high wind begins to blow.
(b) highwaymen are spotted.
(c) it starts to rain.
(d) the night falls suddenly.

2. What does Tancredi have done to Guiscardo after he learns of his affair with Ghismunda?
(a) Guiscardo is sent to prison.
(b) Guiscardo is forced into exile.
(c) Guiscardo is made to pay money for his transgression.
(d) Guiscardo is murdered and his heart cut out.

3. What do two men who know Brother Onion well suspect?
(a) that he does not really have a feather to show.
(b) that he is trying to trick the villagers.
(c) that he has run out of stories to tell.
(d) that he is going to work a miracle.

4. What is Monna Lisetta's character like?
(a) she is very vain.
(b) she in very humble.
(c) she is very intelligent.
(d) she is very belligerent.

5. Who does Pietro take up with after he loses all his money and clothes?
(a) some grave robbers.
(b) some sorcerers.
(c) some highwaymen.
(d) some gamblers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the King determine that no one should ever know about all the men and unfortunate circumstances in Alatiel's life?

2. How many men actually had Alatiel before she was married?

3. Why does Ghismunda not marry at a time when other girls her age have taken husbands?

4. Why does the Brother from St. Anthony's monastery travel each year to a nearby village?

5. What is Rabatta's profession?

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