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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does he explain the charcoal?
(a) that it is a relic from the destruction of Jerusalem.
(b) that it is a relic of St. Lorenzo who was burned at the stake.
(c) that it is a relic from a fire where Jesus warmed his hands.
(d) that it is a relic of the destruction of Sodom.

2. What story does Alberto tell Monna Lisetta?
(a) that the Angel Gabriel wants to speak with her.
(b) that the Angel Gabriel has been watching her undress.
(c) that the Angel Gabriel wants her to sleep with Alberto.
(d) that the Angel Gabriel has fallen in love with her.

3. Who is the next rival for the favor of Alatiel?
(a) a prince who is a cousin of the duke.
(b) a duke who is a cousin to the prince.
(c) the emperor of Constantinople.
(d) a soldier in the prince's honor guard.

4. What do the two men who know Brother Onion plan to do?
(a) exchange the feather for a turkey feather.
(b) glue the lid shut on the box containing the feather.
(c) slip into his room and steal the feather.
(d) exchange the white feather for a black one.

5. How can Berto so easily convince people that he has taken on the vows of poverty and chastity?
(a) because he genuinely wants to change.
(b) because no one in Vanice knows him.
(c) because he is such an accomplished liar.
(d) because he never speaks.

Short Answer Questions

1. When the weather does not change, what do Rabatta and Bondone decide to do?

2. Who does Alatiel eventually meet?

3. What arrangement does Alberto say is necessary for Gabriel to sleep with Monna Lisetta?

4. Where do the two men who played the trick go the next day?

5. What does Bondone say people would think after looking at Rabatta?

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