The Decameron Character Descriptions

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Saint Ciappelletto

A very dishonest man who is at the point that he is ashamed if any of his dealings are proven to be honest and true and who tricks a priest into absolving him before his death.

Andreuccio di Pietro

A famous merchant known for buying and selling horses to the people in his village. His naivete is shown when he realizes that he has been robbed by a woman pretending to be his long lost sister.


The daughter of the Sultan of Babylon who is lost at sea and suffers great misfortune at the hands of many men.

Giannotto di Civigni

The friend who is intent on converting Abraham to Christianity.


The man who goes to work in the orchard at a convent and pretends to be deaf-mute so he can seduce the nuns.


The young girl who goes into the Egyptian desert...

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