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Choose what songs you would put on a soundtrack that could accompany the story. At what point would you play the songs?

Psychic Test.

Silently sit opposite a partner and write down what you think they are thinking. After 10 minutes, compare notes.

Simon Says.

Play a game of Simon says, but instead of using Simon, use one of character's names from the novel, asking the other students to perform what you think he or she would say and do.

Newspaper Campaign.

Divide into two groups: anti Stillson and pro Stillson. The anti Stillson group has to develop a newspaper campaign to turn the public against Stillson and the pro Stillson group has to develop a newspaper campaign to increase Stillson's popularity. The students should then find five people who don't know Moses, show them their campaigns and ask what they think about Stillson as a person. Using...

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