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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From where was the missing vehicle rented?
(a) Phoenix International Airport.
(b) Albuquerque International Airport.
(c) Dallas - Fort Worth International Airport.
(d) Tulsa Regional Airport.

2. About how far from the practice landing site does the plane attempt to land the night it crashes?
(a) 10 yards.
(b) 80 yards.
(c) 500 yards.
(d) 200 yards.

3. When Chee awakens in the arroyo and the man is nearby, where is Chee's rifle?
(a) In the trailer.
(b) In the truck.
(c) In Chee's hand.
(d) Under Chee's pillow.

4. Just before Chee falls asleep after returning from Lomatewa's, Chee makes a phone call. Who does Chee call?
(a) Jake West.
(b) Cowboy Dashee.
(c) Larry Collins.
(d) Captain Largo.

5. What is the name of the younger Navajo woman talking while Chee is waiting to talk to the owner of the Burnt Water Trading Post?
(a) Hosteen Yazzie.
(b) Sarai Musket.
(c) Gishi Chee.
(d) Abelene Osami.

Short Answer Questions

1. With what group did the dead pilot used to fly?

2. On the night the Cessna crashes, who is scheduled to meet the plane when it lands?

3. As Chee ponders the mystery, who does Chee imagine telling him that there was a reason for the car to be hidden away?

4. According to Johnson, how many sets of tracks are visible at the plane crash site?

5. When Chee telephones the hotel where Gaines is staying, how long have Ben Gaines and Miss Pauling known each other?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Gaines and Miss Pauling meet?

2. What does Johnson assume took place when Chee and Gaines were talking at the plane crash site?

3. According to Lomatewa's plan, when can the three men finally talk about the body they have discovered?

4. When questioned by the dead pilot's attorney, how does Chee justify his conclusion as to where the plane had previously landed and taken off?

5. According to Lomatewa, why had Sotuknang destroyed the world?

6. Why are there only a few exit points from the wash in which Chee finds the missing vehicle?

7. While staring at the body Lomatewa finds off the trail, why is Lomatewa thinking about how to handle the body?

8. When Largo tells Chee to take a few days off from work, what does Largo caution Chee to do?

9. When Chee suddenly awakens in the arroyo, what sound first causes him to wake?

10. As Chee is being questioned by Johnson about the plane crash, what professional habit does Chee decide to avoid developing?

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