The Dark Wind Short Answer Test - Answer Key

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1. What clan is the boy from who originally sees the body at the beginning of the story?


2. Who is Albert Lomatewa?

The Messenger.

3. How many grandchildren does Lomatewa have?


4. When Lomatewa discovers the Navajo body, how long has the blessing of rain been withdrawn from the land?

One year.

5. What does Tavasuh mean?


6. According to Lomatewa, how many times has Sotuknang destroyed the world?


7. What is the name of the man who is accompanying Lomatewa on his quest for spruce?


8. How old is Lomatewa?


9. How far above the ground does the pilot fly his Cessna plane?

200 feet.

10. What is the name of the Cessna's pilot?


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