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Sections 1 - 4

• Three Hopis are crossing the Wepo Wash on their way to celebrate the Niman Kachina rain ceremony.

• On their way, the men discover the skinned body of a young Navajo man with a bullet hole above his right eye.

• The pilot of a Cessna has picked up a man he does not know and two suitcases at a landing strip in Chihuahua. Jansen will meet the plane in Wepo Wash.

• The pilot sees the signal to land and the line of low voltage lights, which show him where to set down. Too late, the pilot realizes his mistake.
• Jim Chee is staking out Windmill Number 6 because it is being vandalized on a regular basis, and he is assigned the task of catching the perpetrators.

• Chee's other cases include Priscilla Bisti, an unsolved burglary at the Burnt Water Trading Post, and the identity of the decomposed corpse...

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