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Rachel Seiffert
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who speaks with Micha at the train station before he leaves again to search the truth about his Opa?
(a) Bernd.
(b) Vati.
(c) Luise.
(d) Mina.

2. How does Lore reunite with Oma?
(a) Oma recognizes Juri first.
(b) Wiebke recognizes Lore.
(c) Tomas finds Oma and brings Lore back.
(d) The Meyers see Lore searching and ask if she needs help.

3. Micha and Jozef's first conversation can be described as ____________.
(a) Friendly.
(b) Revealing.
(c) Uncomfortable.
(d) Easygoing.

4. What is Micha afraid to tell the person he is staying with?
(a) That he is a schoolteacher.
(b) That he is looking for his Opa.
(c) That he is in search of Opa's true background.
(d) That he is part Jewish.

5. Why does Lore stop seeing Tomas?
(a) Wiebke tells her it is shameful.
(b) Oma is suspicious of her whereabouts.
(c) Lore discovers his secret and is appalled.
(d) His angry response to her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Micha go to search the truth about his Opa?

2. What does Mina try to remind Micha about?

3. What secret is Tomas holding from Lore?

4. Who does Micha cry for when he cries about Opa's past?

5. What confuses Lore when they are close to Oma's?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the pictures of Micha and his Opa. Why are these pictures special to Micha?

2. Jozef explains to Micha how the soldiers are able to kill the Jews without self-blame. How is this done?

3. Tomas travels with the family for a long time, but once they reach the border, he wants to leave them. Why would Tomas want to leave at this point?

4. Micha visits Minsk specifically to learn about his Opa. However, Micha runs into trouble learning about his grandfather's past. What obstacles stand in Micha's way?

5. In the short amount of time Micha spends in Belarus on his first visit, he receives various receptions of his German background. Compare and contrast Andrej's and his mother's reception of Micha to the grandfather at the museum's.

6. Describe Micha's feelings for his Opa as time goes on as he continues his search for the truth.

7. Jochen dies from Russian soldiers shooting at him. What is the significance of his death? Why does Seiffert add this to Lore's story?

8. Lore and the children keep Tomas a secret from Oma and Wiebke. Why is it not safe to tell them about Tomas?

9. Many Holocaust images are posted to spread the truth of what occurred during the war. What are the people's views in regards to the photos?

10. Only Micha seems adamant on searching the truth about Opa. What is Mutti and Vati's point of view in regards to Opa?

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