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Rachel Seiffert
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what does Helmut devote one photo from each roll of film?
(a) A picture of himself.
(b) A picture of the train station.
(c) A picture of his old neighborhood.
(d) A picture of his cellar.

2. Who provides food rations throughout the German area that Lore and her siblings are traveling through?
(a) The Americans.
(b) It is autocratic at this stage.
(c) The Nazi party.
(d) The German government.

3. What bad sign occurs on the first day of the children's trip?
(a) The twins fight the whole way.
(b) Lore spills some of the food.
(c) Juri strains an ankle.
(d) Leisel will not carry her share.

4. Where is Gladigau after the second bombing?
(a) She is waiting for Helmut at the train station.
(b) She is assumed to have died.
(c) She is assumed to have evacuated.
(d) She is hiding in the dark room.

5. Which of Helmut's family portraits does Papi usually prefer?
(a) Ones that include Helmut in uniform.
(b) Ones that show the entire family smiling and proud.
(c) Ones that include Helmut smiling.
(d) Ones that hide Helmut's birth defect.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Helmut gain friends as a child?

2. What is the biggest difference to Lore between her hometown and her hideout?

3. How does Mutti react when her children fight amongst each other?

4. Where does Helmut find safety after the second bombing is over?

5. What happens to Helm's notebook at the train station?

Short Essay Questions

1. Lore asks the woman for more food for her siblings but the woman initially responds with a look of possible fear. Why might the woman be afraid?

2. Mutti and Papi love their son, but there is a stubborn denial that there is anything wrong with Helmut. What does it finally take them to accept the truth and how do they handle it?

3. The Third Reich is at its height when Helmut is a teenager. How does this age and Helmut's life affect his acceptance and loyalty to the Third Reich?

4. When Juri is injured, Lore is the first to carry him on her back. What does this indicate about Lore and her responsibilities?

5. As Lore and her siblings walk on, some seem suspicious of their backgrounds but people usually help them anyway. Why do some people look at Lore's family with disdain but eventually help?

6. Helmut is not strong or smart. Yet, there are indications that Helmut is clever about getting what he wants. Give an example of how Helmut shows his clever ways.

7. When the Americans question Lore, Tomas shows up with papers and tells them they are a family. What do the papers show and why does Seiffert mention a tattoo on Tomas' arm?

8. The new train station guard does not like Helmut immediately. Only after knowing Helmut's current situation, does he help Helmut. Why does the train station guard act this way? What does that say about the bombings in Berlin?

9. When Lore offers to buy food from the woman who gives her bread and milk, she asks if Lore has anything other than money. Why does the woman not prefer money?

10. Helmut does not ever speak of Germany's purge of its own population. Does Helmut, as a common civilian, know about the prison camps in other parts of Germany? Does it make a difference in his beliefs?

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