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Rachel Seiffert
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who are Gladigau's most common clients?
(a) Widows and orphaned children.
(b) Soldiers off to war or widowed women.
(c) Whole families.
(d) Widowed men and soldiers.

2. Who are the people that are leaving the city and where are they going?
(a) Soldiers going to war and jobs outside the city.
(b) Jewish citizens going to prison camps.
(c) Regular German citizens moving to rural areas.
(d) Members of the Nazi party going to Switzerland.

3. Why does the farmer's wife ask if Lore's mother is still around?
(a) Mutti has been captured by the Nazis.
(b) Mutti has possibly died.
(c) Mutti has gone to find Vati.
(d) Mutti has possibly gone with the Americans.

4. How does Helmut gain friends as a child?
(a) He impresses them with his knowledge about trains.
(b) He is an extrovert.
(c) He buys sweets.
(d) He takes photos of them.

5. What does Leisel do to anger Lore?
(a) Refuse to walk further without more food.
(b) Talk to strangers.
(c) Call out for Vati in the middle of town.
(d) Mention Mutti and the camp out loud.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Helmut's ability as a darkroom technician described?

2. What are Lore's nightmares about?

3. Who comes to visit Mutti in a jeep?

4. What does a woman offer Lore when Lore sits down very tired?

5. What does the farmer's son tell Lore?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Lore's family moving around and hiding in the farm valley? From whom are they hiding?

2. On the first day of their trip to Oma's, Juri twists an ankle. How does this foreshadow the rest of the journey?

3. Other than Lore, what do the children know of the current situation?

4. Helmut does not ever speak of Germany's purge of its own population. Does Helmut, as a common civilian, know about the prison camps in other parts of Germany? Does it make a difference in his beliefs?

5. When the Americans question Lore, Tomas shows up with papers and tells them they are a family. What do the papers show and why does Seiffert mention a tattoo on Tomas' arm?

6. When the farmer's son taunts Lore and pushes her down, the twins throw rocks at him. What does this show about the children?

7. Helmut loses his parents and Gladigau is away. Helmut is often cold, hungry, and completely alone. How does he feel about the war at this stage?

8. Helmut is cast to the side with the weak during physical education. Helmut tries to "prove himself" for whom and why?

9. Although Seiffert does not say much about the farmers, what are the implied feelings of the farmers?

10. The new train station guard does not like Helmut immediately. Only after knowing Helmut's current situation, does he help Helmut. Why does the train station guard act this way? What does that say about the bombings in Berlin?

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