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Rachel Seiffert
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Helmut consistently obtain food?
(a) He takes photos in exchange for food.
(b) He sweeps the train station in exchange for food.
(c) He begs when the bakery truck comes in every day.
(d) He visits the soup kitchen everyday.

2. What do patrons at the shop give instead of money for food?
(a) Any goods the man behind the counter needs.
(b) Coupons.
(c) Jewelry.
(d) Clothing.

3. How does Helmut gain friends as a child?
(a) He is an extrovert.
(b) He impresses them with his knowledge about trains.
(c) He takes photos of them.
(d) He buys sweets.

4. What is constantly on Helmut's mind that reminds him that he is a disappointment?
(a) He is not a soldier.
(b) His sad expressions in family photos.
(c) The way his mother looks at him.
(d) He takes bad photos.

5. Who knocks on Helmut's door when the second bombing occurs?
(a) SS men.
(b) Mutti.
(c) A 14 year old gunner.
(d) The neighbor's mother.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Mutti react when her children fight amongst each other?

2. What fault does Helmut notice about cameras when shooting around Berlin?

3. What does the confrontation at the train station indicate about the Third Reich's concerns?

4. What happens to Mutti and Papi after the second bombing?

5. How are Lore and the children able to get food when there is no money?

Short Essay Questions

1. Helmut is not strong or smart. Yet, there are indications that Helmut is clever about getting what he wants. Give an example of how Helmut shows his clever ways.

2. When Lore is sure Tomas is asleep, she buries the last remaining keepsakes of Vati. Why does she do this when they seemed safe in her apron?

3. The Third Reich is at its height when Helmut is a teenager. How does this age and Helmut's life affect his acceptance and loyalty to the Third Reich?

4. The new train station guard does not like Helmut immediately. Only after knowing Helmut's current situation, does he help Helmut. Why does the train station guard act this way? What does that say about the bombings in Berlin?

5. When Germany takes Paris, there is a large celebration. Mutti and Papi attend but they do not ask him to go. When they return they meet him at the train station and leave looking like a happy family. Explain Mutti and Papi's actions.

6. At the beginning of the war efforts, Helmut is intent on joining the army. Despite his arm, he is adamant about joining. Why is the army so vital in Helmut's life?

7. Why is Lore's family moving around and hiding in the farm valley? From whom are they hiding?

8. Mutti tries to burn the badges but they do not burn all the way. Lore tries to throw them deep into the river, but buries them in the bushes when this does not work. What do the badges and the efforts to rid them symbolize?

9. In the short amount of time Micha spends in Belarus on his first visit, he receives various receptions of his German background. Compare and contrast Andrej's and his mother's reception of Micha to the grandfather at the museum's.

10. Oma explains to Lore that Vati and Mutti are good people despite their involvement. Explain Oma's situation and where she stands regarding Mutti and Vati.

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