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Rachel Seiffert
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What images of veterans are described in Section 4?
(a) They are disabled and homeless.
(b) They walk proudly.
(c) There is a parade for their return.
(d) Families give them warm welcomings.

2. What disagreement occurs between Gladigau and Helmut?
(a) Whether the Nazi party are good people.
(b) Whether the gypsies deserved the beatings.
(c) Whether Helmut should approach Papi about his feelings.
(d) Whether or not to evacuate Berlin.

3. What does Helmut notice about the train station?
(a) The people leaving are all soldiers.
(b) There are more people departing than arriving.
(c) The number of trains is increasing.
(d) The number of trains is decreasing.

4. How are Lore and the children able to get food when there is no money?
(a) They buy food with coupons.
(b) They offer farmers labor in exchange for food.
(c) They are unable to get food for days.
(d) They beg from farmers or dig up their potatoes.

5. What happens to Helm's notebook at the train station?
(a) It gets wet and ruined in the rain.
(b) It gets lost in the wind and ruined by a passing train.
(c) The train station guard tells him to put it away.
(d) It is confiscated by a soldier.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Helmut's parents deny his birth defect?

2. Who comes to visit Mutti in a jeep?

3. What happens when Americans question Lore on the road?

4. Who knocks on Helmut's door when the second bombing occurs?

5. What opportunity is Helmut given in 1945?

Short Essay Questions

1. Helmut loses his parents and Gladigau is away. Helmut is often cold, hungry, and completely alone. How does he feel about the war at this stage?

2. On the first day of their trip to Oma's, Juri twists an ankle. How does this foreshadow the rest of the journey?

3. Helmut notices the city is emptying. More people are leaving on the trains and less are returning. This is a mystery and Seiffert never explicitly offers an explanation. Why not?

4. Helmut does not ever speak of Germany's purge of its own population. Does Helmut, as a common civilian, know about the prison camps in other parts of Germany? Does it make a difference in his beliefs?

5. Why is Lore's family moving around and hiding in the farm valley? From whom are they hiding?

6. Mutti and Papi love their son, but there is a stubborn denial that there is anything wrong with Helmut. What does it finally take them to accept the truth and how do they handle it?

7. Germany is in the midst of war and has been for several years. The second bombing that Helmut experiences is the worst so far. Describe the new changes and routine to which the inhabitants of Berlin must adapt.

8. Describe Lore's role in the family.

9. When Germany takes Paris, there is a large celebration. Mutti and Papi attend but they do not ask him to go. When they return they meet him at the train station and leave looking like a happy family. Explain Mutti and Papi's actions.

10. Tomas helps Lore and her family out of trouble and follows them. Why? What does he gain from the situation? Is he just being nice?

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