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Rachel Seiffert
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Americans question Lore on the road?
(a) Lore tells them they are with the young man.
(b) Lore tells them she is on the way to Fulda.
(c) She cannot understand so she ignores them and walks on.
(d) The young man shows them papers and tells them they are siblings on their way to Oma's.

2. What is the biggest difference to Lore between her hometown and her hideout?
(a) The new place seems busier than the old place.
(b) The people at the new place are welcoming compared to the people at home.
(c) The new place is intact and not bombed out everywhere.
(d) The new place is much larger in size.

3. What is Helmut's political stance in 1945 as described in Section 5?
(a) He follows nationalism.
(b) He is loyal to the Third Reich.
(c) He is a secret communist.
(d) He does not care anymore.

4. Who is Lore's family hiding from when they go into hiding?
(a) The Nazi party.
(b) The French army.
(c) The American and Russian army.
(d) The townspeople who hate them.

5. What secret must Lore and her siblings hide from strangers?
(a) That Mutti and Vati are not with them.
(b) Their real names.
(c) Their final destination.
(d) Their Nazi affiliation.

Short Answer Questions

1. What images of veterans are described in Section 4?

2. What does the old woman lie to Lore about to get money?

3. What does Lore see in some public pictures?

4. What is the woman's reaction when Lore asks about the amount of food provided compared to the payment?

5. How is Helmut's family best described in the photo at the ice cream shop?

Short Essay Questions

1. The new train station guard does not like Helmut immediately. Only after knowing Helmut's current situation, does he help Helmut. Why does the train station guard act this way? What does that say about the bombings in Berlin?

2. Germany attacks its neighbors and gains more lands that are prosperous. Neither Helmut nor anyone in his neighborhood seems to argue the Third Reich's actions. In fact, many boys are signing up to fight the war. Why would some Germans welcome the war and the push into other countries?

3. Tomas helps Lore and her family out of trouble and follows them. Why? What does he gain from the situation? Is he just being nice?

4. Although Seiffert does not say much about the farmers, what are the implied feelings of the farmers?

5. Helmut is not strong or smart. Yet, there are indications that Helmut is clever about getting what he wants. Give an example of how Helmut shows his clever ways.

6. Helmut is cast to the side with the weak during physical education. Helmut tries to "prove himself" for whom and why?

7. During one of Helmut's walks around the city, he encounters the SS collecting and trucking the gypsies away. What is Helmut's reaction to this event?

8. When Juri is injured, Lore is the first to carry him on her back. What does this indicate about Lore and her responsibilities?

9. Helmut notices the city is emptying. More people are leaving on the trains and less are returning. This is a mystery and Seiffert never explicitly offers an explanation. Why not?

10. Helmut finally gets to join the army. What does this imply about the state of Germany at this point in the war?

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