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Rachel Seiffert
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Lore stop seeing Tomas?
(a) His angry response to her.
(b) Oma is suspicious of her whereabouts.
(c) Wiebke tells her it is shameful.
(d) Lore discovers his secret and is appalled.

2. What bothers Micha about Mina's background?
(a) Micha believes she considers herself Turkish first.
(b) Mina is part Jewish.
(c) Mina does not consider herself German.
(d) Mina does not care about the German culture.

3. What influences Tomas' decision to get on the train?
(a) The look in Lore's eyes.
(b) Juri's cries.
(c) A soldier coming towards them.
(d) Leisel's tears.

4. What does Mina try to remind Micha about?
(a) That his family is not responsible for Opa's actions.
(b) That his Oma still loves him.
(c) That Opa killed Jews in the war.
(d) That Opa is still the same grandfather.

5. Where do Lore and her siblings presume Vati to be?
(a) Hiding in a rural area.
(b) With Mutti in a camp.
(c) In prison.
(d) In another country.

6. What is it about Micha's school that angers him?
(a) That his school does not teach about the labor camps.
(b) The way the children learn about the occupations.
(c) He sees hints of racism in the school curriculum.
(d) They cover the Nazi regime as only a small part of history.

7. What secret do the children keep from Oma and Wiebke?
(a) They stole, lied, and cheated on their way to Oma's.
(b) Lore plans to leave with Tomas.
(c) They sent an extra letter to Mutti.
(d) Tomas, their secret brother.

8. Why does Leisel punch Lore?
(a) Leisel discovers Lore lied about Vati.
(b) Leisel is angry that Mutti is not with Oma.
(c) Lore gives the last dips of sugar to Juri.
(d) Lore tells Tomas he should leave.

9. What is Kolesnik's role during the war?
(a) Waffen-SS man.
(b) Translator.
(c) He burned the piles of bodies.
(d) He assigned numbers and letters to the Jews.

10. What is Micha's relationship like with his Oma as he learns more about his Opa?
(a) He feels closer to her.
(b) He is angry she never told him the truth.
(c) He refuses to speak with her.
(d) He pities her.

11. What news does Mutti give about Vati in Section 6?
(a) He is out of contact.
(b) He is safe.
(c) He is dead.
(d) He is in a Russian prison.

12. How does Jozef describe the reactions of the SS men after a shooting?
(a) There are trivial conversations to avoid the silence.
(b) They smoke and laugh.
(c) It involves a lot of drinking.
(d) Most walk away back into their barracks.

13. Where does Micha stay on his last visit to Opa's old World War II station?
(a) In a hotel.
(b) His Oma's old house.
(c) Andrej's.
(d) Jozef's home.

14. How does Micha confuse Oma?
(a) Micha confronts her about her history.
(b) Micha takes her to a new place to talk.
(c) Micha visits on a non-regular day.
(d) Micha talks to her about Opa as if he is a stranger.

15. What is the family's response to Micha's search?
(a) They encourage the truth to be revealed.
(b) They want him to stop.
(c) They want to know but do not want to talk about it.
(d) They do not care so long as they are not involved.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Micha stay with during his time away?

2. How does Mina feel about Micha's determination?

3. Who calls Micha to speak with him about the war?

4. What is Tomas' reaction when Lore questions him about fathers in prison?

5. Where do Lore and her siblings sleep regularly when they reach their destination?

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