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Rachel Seiffert
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Micha afraid to tell the person he is staying with?
(a) That he is part Jewish.
(b) That he is in search of Opa's true background.
(c) That he is a schoolteacher.
(d) That he is looking for his Opa.

2. What sign of trouble does Tomas see when Lore and her siblings attempt to get on the train?
(a) A crazy man with a brick running at them.
(b) The train is moving while passengers are boarding.
(c) A soldier with a gun.
(d) There is no space on the train.

3. What are the conversations like between Micha and Luise?
(a) Their conversations turn into arguments about their family's reaction to Opa.
(b) They are forced because of Mina.
(c) They are on the same page about Opa.
(d) They often talk about Micha's new baby to avoid confrontation.

4. Which character gives up their own bed for the children to sleep on?
(a) Tomas.
(b) The neighbor next door.
(c) Oma.
(d) Wiebke.

5. Who does Micha cry for when he cries about Opa's past?
(a) Opa.
(b) The innocent people Opa killed.
(c) Himself.
(d) His family.

6. Who else wants to know the truth if Micha finds it?
(a) Mutti.
(b) Mina.
(c) Vati.
(d) Luise.

7. Who speaks with Micha at the train station before he leaves again to search the truth about his Opa?
(a) Luise.
(b) Vati.
(c) Mina.
(d) Bernd.

8. What does Micha bring back for Elena?
(a) Photos of Elena and Jozef.
(b) Photos of his Oma and Opa.
(c) Photos of Mina and Dilan.
(d) Photos of his daughter.

9. What is Oma's demeanor like?
(a) Haphazard.
(b) Paranoid.
(c) Constant showers of hugs and kisses.
(d) Businesslike.

10. How does Jochen die?
(a) He is captured by American soldiers.
(b) He falls out of a hayloft.
(c) The Russians shoot him.
(d) He drowns in the river.

11. What does Vati wish for concerning his family's connection to World War II?
(a) That the pain stops with his generation.
(b) For all to deny the family's involvement in World War II.
(c) That the truth be told throughout history so all can learn from it.
(d) That Micha learns the truth and reveal it to Mutti.

12. How does Lore discover the truth behind the pictures circling around Germany?
(a) Oma tells her the truth.
(b) She reads off a man's newspaper on the tram.
(c) Lore asks Tomas about them.
(d) From two women on the tram.

13. Why is Elena angry with Micha?
(a) Micha does not understand her when she takes him to an important site.
(b) She wants him to stay longer.
(c) Elena is upset Micha does not speak with Jozef.
(d) Micha says he is not their friend and does not know why he is there.

14. What influences Tomas' decision to get on the train?
(a) Juri's cries.
(b) The look in Lore's eyes.
(c) A soldier coming towards them.
(d) Leisel's tears.

15. Why does Andrej get angry with Micha?
(a) Andrej finds out about Micha's Opa.
(b) Andrej learns Micha is German.
(c) Micha is rude to Andrej's mother.
(d) Micha let Kolesnik visit Andrej's home.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Micha stay with during his time away?

2. What do the children learn about Mutti?

3. What is Micha's relationship like with his Oma as he learns more about his Opa?

4. What bothers Micha about Mina's background?

5. Where do Lore and her siblings presume Vati to be?

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