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Rachel Seiffert
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who writes the letter to Mutti?
(a) Everyone writes a little something.
(b) Oma.
(c) Lore.
(d) Leisel.

2. Micha and Jozef's first conversation can be described as ____________.
(a) Friendly.
(b) Uncomfortable.
(c) Easygoing.
(d) Revealing.

3. What do the children learn about Mutti?
(a) She is starving at the camp.
(b) She remains healthy at the camp.
(c) Mutti wil be released soon.
(d) Mutti is in a hard labor camp.

4. How does Lore reunite with Oma?
(a) Oma recognizes Juri first.
(b) Wiebke recognizes Lore.
(c) Tomas finds Oma and brings Lore back.
(d) The Meyers see Lore searching and ask if she needs help.

5. How does Jozef describe the reactions of the SS men after a shooting?
(a) They smoke and laugh.
(b) There are trivial conversations to avoid the silence.
(c) Most walk away back into their barracks.
(d) It involves a lot of drinking.

6. What are the SS men doing in the photos displayed in the museum Micha visits?
(a) Smoking and laughing in front of dead bodies.
(b) Shoveling piles of ashes.
(c) They are in battle on the war front.
(d) Laughing and playing with their children like his Opa.

7. How does Micha identify historical sites related to the Nazis?
(a) He hires a personal tour guide.
(b) There are signs all over the city.
(c) The red dots on his map.
(d) He asks a mechanic standing nearby.

8. What does Elena believe is her punishment for her husband's crimes?
(a) Her children's early death.
(b) A lifetime of being ostracized.
(c) The inability to have children.
(d) Racism aimed at her.

9. Which character gives up their own bed for the children to sleep on?
(a) Tomas.
(b) Oma.
(c) Wiebke.
(d) The neighbor next door.

10. What bothers Micha about Mina's background?
(a) Mina does not consider herself German.
(b) Mina does not care about the German culture.
(c) Micha believes she considers herself Turkish first.
(d) Mina is part Jewish.

11. What does Lore overhear on the train?
(a) Vati and Mutti are in prison.
(b) The pictures posted all around are fakes.
(c) Tomas is a fugitive.
(d) The Nazi trials are underway.

12. What confuses Lore when they are close to Oma's?
(a) Tomas tells Lore that Oma may be in prison too.
(b) She cannot recognize the city with so many bombed areas.
(c) Oma is said to not live there anymore.
(d) No one seems to recognize Oma's name.

13. How does Jochen die?
(a) He drowns in the river.
(b) He falls out of a hayloft.
(c) He is captured by American soldiers.
(d) The Russians shoot him.

14. What are the conversations like between Micha and Luise?
(a) They often talk about Micha's new baby to avoid confrontation.
(b) They are forced because of Mina.
(c) They are on the same page about Opa.
(d) Their conversations turn into arguments about their family's reaction to Opa.

15. Who comforts Lore as she cries in bed?
(a) Juri.
(b) Oma.
(c) Leisel.
(d) Wiebke.

Short Answer Questions

1. What surprise does Micha learn about Opa?

2. What indicates the closeness between Lore's family and Tomas?

3. Who else wants to know the truth if Micha finds it?

4. What is Micha afraid to tell the person he is staying with?

5. Where does Micha go to search the truth about his Opa?

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