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Rachel Seiffert
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mina try to remind Micha about?
(a) That his Oma still loves him.
(b) That Opa killed Jews in the war.
(c) That Opa is still the same grandfather.
(d) That his family is not responsible for Opa's actions.

2. Where do Lore and her siblings presume Vati to be?
(a) Hiding in a rural area.
(b) In prison.
(c) In another country.
(d) With Mutti in a camp.

3. Who does Micha cry for when he cries about Opa's past?
(a) His family.
(b) Himself.
(c) The innocent people Opa killed.
(d) Opa.

4. How does Micha confuse Oma?
(a) Micha confronts her about her history.
(b) Micha takes her to a new place to talk.
(c) Micha talks to her about Opa as if he is a stranger.
(d) Micha visits on a non-regular day.

5. What sign of trouble does Tomas see when Lore and her siblings attempt to get on the train?
(a) There is no space on the train.
(b) A soldier with a gun.
(c) The train is moving while passengers are boarding.
(d) A crazy man with a brick running at them.

6. How does Micha identify historical sites related to the Nazis?
(a) There are signs all over the city.
(b) He hires a personal tour guide.
(c) He asks a mechanic standing nearby.
(d) The red dots on his map.

7. What indicates the closeness between Lore's family and Tomas?
(a) Tomas and Lore always sleep with their arms touching.
(b) Juri sleeps in Tomas' lap on the train.
(c) Tomas carries Peter as often as Lore.
(d) Leisel and Juri fight to sleep next to Tomas.

8. What does Kolesnik confess to Micha?
(a) He helped kill Jews during the war.
(b) His Opa committed suicide because of his actions.
(c) He and Micha's Opa killed Jews together.
(d) He nearly killed himself for his actions.

9. What confuses Lore when they are close to Oma's?
(a) No one seems to recognize Oma's name.
(b) Oma is said to not live there anymore.
(c) She cannot recognize the city with so many bombed areas.
(d) Tomas tells Lore that Oma may be in prison too.

10. Who does Micha stay with during his time away?
(a) Andrej.
(b) Jozef.
(c) His Oma.
(d) Elena.

11. Where does Micha stay on his last visit to Opa's old World War II station?
(a) Jozef's home.
(b) In a hotel.
(c) His Oma's old house.
(d) Andrej's.

12. Why does Leisel punch Lore?
(a) Lore tells Tomas he should leave.
(b) Leisel is angry that Mutti is not with Oma.
(c) Lore gives the last dips of sugar to Juri.
(d) Leisel discovers Lore lied about Vati.

13. How does Oma feel about Mutti and Vati's Nazi involvement?
(a) She believes they are rightfully punished but still loves them.
(b) She believes they are still good people.
(c) She condemns them because of it and disowns them.
(d) She believes they are in the right.

14. What is Kolesnik's role during the war?
(a) Translator.
(b) He assigned numbers and letters to the Jews.
(c) He burned the piles of bodies.
(d) Waffen-SS man.

15. What does Vati wish for concerning his family's connection to World War II?
(a) For all to deny the family's involvement in World War II.
(b) That the pain stops with his generation.
(c) That Micha learns the truth and reveal it to Mutti.
(d) That the truth be told throughout history so all can learn from it.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Micha feel about himself?

2. What news does Mutti give about Vati in Section 6?

3. What does Lore notice when the children take a picture together?

4. Micha and Jozef's first conversation can be described as ____________.

5. Who comforts Lore as she cries in bed?

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