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Rachel Seiffert
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the scene like on the train when Juri and Leisel first enter?
(a) Eerily calm.
(b) Friendly.
(c) Confusion over how the children will get on the train.
(d) Mobbish.

2. What does Vati wish for concerning his family's connection to World War II?
(a) That the pain stops with his generation.
(b) For all to deny the family's involvement in World War II.
(c) That the truth be told throughout history so all can learn from it.
(d) That Micha learns the truth and reveal it to Mutti.

3. Who writes the letter to Mutti?
(a) Lore.
(b) Oma.
(c) Everyone writes a little something.
(d) Leisel.

4. What does Micha like about his pictures of Opa?
(a) Opa is always looking at Micha.
(b) Opa carries a mysterious facial expression.
(c) Opa has a very genuine smile.
(d) Opa looks like he has a secret.

5. Who does Micha cry for when he cries about Opa's past?
(a) The innocent people Opa killed.
(b) Himself.
(c) His family.
(d) Opa.

6. Why does Andrej get angry with Micha?
(a) Andrej learns Micha is German.
(b) Micha is rude to Andrej's mother.
(c) Andrej finds out about Micha's Opa.
(d) Micha let Kolesnik visit Andrej's home.

7. What does Elena show Micha?
(a) Jozef's old photos.
(b) The site of the Jewish killings.
(c) Photos of his Opa during the war.
(d) The grave of her brother, who was also an SS man.

8. What secret do the children keep from Oma and Wiebke?
(a) Lore plans to leave with Tomas.
(b) They sent an extra letter to Mutti.
(c) Tomas, their secret brother.
(d) They stole, lied, and cheated on their way to Oma's.

9. Where do the kids stay when they reach Oma's city?
(a) A nearby church.
(b) In a Red Cross refugee shelter.
(c) The ferry dock.
(d) In an abandoned building.

10. Who comforts Lore as she cries in bed?
(a) Leisel.
(b) Juri.
(c) Oma.
(d) Wiebke.

11. What does Mina try to remind Micha about?
(a) That his family is not responsible for Opa's actions.
(b) That Opa killed Jews in the war.
(c) That his Oma still loves him.
(d) That Opa is still the same grandfather.

12. What secret is Tomas holding from Lore?
(a) Tomas plans to leave without saying goodbye.
(b) Tomas killed a man for the papers.
(c) He stole the papers from a dead Jew.
(d) Tomas knows where Vati is.

13. What is the family's response to Micha's search?
(a) They want him to stop.
(b) They want to know but do not want to talk about it.
(c) They encourage the truth to be revealed.
(d) They do not care so long as they are not involved.

14. What bothers Micha about Mina's background?
(a) Mina is part Jewish.
(b) Micha believes she considers herself Turkish first.
(c) Mina does not care about the German culture.
(d) Mina does not consider herself German.

15. Whose grave does Micha visit?
(a) Elena's.
(b) Oma's.
(c) Jozef's.
(d) Opa's.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kolesnik confess to Micha?

2. Why is Elena angry with Micha?

3. How does Lore discover the truth behind the pictures circling around Germany?

4. How does Lore reunite with Oma?

5. What is Micha's relationship like with his Oma as he learns more about his Opa?

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