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Rachel Seiffert
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What feelings does Micha have for Jozef?
(a) Anger for his past.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Respect for his ability to tell the truth.
(d) Sadness for what he went through.

2. Where does Tomas go when the children leave to Oma?
(a) Stays in a church.
(b) Lives in an abandoned house.
(c) Stays in a Red Cross refugee shelter.
(d) Sleeps at an unused train station.

3. What does Lore overhear on the train?
(a) The Nazi trials are underway.
(b) Tomas is a fugitive.
(c) The pictures posted all around are fakes.
(d) Vati and Mutti are in prison.

4. What influences Tomas' decision to get on the train?
(a) A soldier coming towards them.
(b) Juri's cries.
(c) The look in Lore's eyes.
(d) Leisel's tears.

5. Who speaks with Micha at the train station before he leaves again to search the truth about his Opa?
(a) Vati.
(b) Mina.
(c) Luise.
(d) Bernd.

6. What is Micha's relationship like with his Oma as he learns more about his Opa?
(a) He is angry she never told him the truth.
(b) He refuses to speak with her.
(c) He pities her.
(d) He feels closer to her.

7. Where does Micha stay on his last visit to Opa's old World War II station?
(a) Jozef's home.
(b) In a hotel.
(c) His Oma's old house.
(d) Andrej's.

8. Which character gives up their own bed for the children to sleep on?
(a) Tomas.
(b) Oma.
(c) Wiebke.
(d) The neighbor next door.

9. Why does Lore stop seeing Tomas?
(a) Oma is suspicious of her whereabouts.
(b) Lore discovers his secret and is appalled.
(c) His angry response to her.
(d) Wiebke tells her it is shameful.

10. What does Mina try to remind Micha about?
(a) That Opa killed Jews in the war.
(b) That Opa is still the same grandfather.
(c) That his Oma still loves him.
(d) That his family is not responsible for Opa's actions.

11. What are Tomas' feelings after Jochen dies?
(a) He wishes he never met the family.
(b) He wants to separate from the family.
(c) He wants to seek revenge.
(d) He feels he could have prevented it.

12. What does Micha like about his pictures of Opa?
(a) Opa carries a mysterious facial expression.
(b) Opa looks like he has a secret.
(c) Opa has a very genuine smile.
(d) Opa is always looking at Micha.

13. What sign of trouble does Tomas see when Lore and her siblings attempt to get on the train?
(a) A soldier with a gun.
(b) The train is moving while passengers are boarding.
(c) A crazy man with a brick running at them.
(d) There is no space on the train.

14. What are the conversations like between Micha and Luise?
(a) They are forced because of Mina.
(b) They are on the same page about Opa.
(c) Their conversations turn into arguments about their family's reaction to Opa.
(d) They often talk about Micha's new baby to avoid confrontation.

15. What do the children learn about Mutti?
(a) Mutti wil be released soon.
(b) She is starving at the camp.
(c) She remains healthy at the camp.
(d) Mutti is in a hard labor camp.

Short Answer Questions

1. What confuses Lore when they are close to Oma's?

2. What does Lore notice when the children take a picture together?

3. What is the scene like on the train when Juri and Leisel first enter?

4. What is Micha afraid to tell the person he is staying with?

5. Why does Leisel punch Lore?

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