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Rachel Seiffert
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the biggest difference to Lore between her hometown and her hideout?
(a) The people at the new place are welcoming compared to the people at home.
(b) The new place seems busier than the old place.
(c) The new place is intact and not bombed out everywhere.
(d) The new place is much larger in size.

2. What does Lore have to give up to get more food and shelter for a night?
(a) Mutti's wedding ring.
(b) Mutti's earrings.
(c) The rest of their money.
(d) Their twins' extra clothing and boots.

3. Why does Lore bury the last of Vati's pictures?
(a) All the keepsakes are weighing her down.
(b) To keep them safe until she can return for them another time.
(c) Leisel keeps asking for them so Lore gets rid of them.
(d) She is fearful of the evidence.

4. What does a woman offer Lore when Lore sits down very tired?
(a) Help with directions.
(b) A way to get to Oma's.
(c) A place to nap.
(d) Her last milk and bread.

5. What is Helmut's ritual when bombs fall in closely?
(a) Cover his ears, close his eyes, and pray in the dark.
(b) Take cover in the dark room.
(c) Scream at the noise.
(d) Look blankly outside the window for the lights.

6. How are Helmut's winters described?
(a) Cold at the train station.
(b) Lonely in the dark room.
(c) Cozy in the cellar.
(d) Sleepless overall.

7. Who comes to visit Mutti in a jeep?
(a) The French.
(b) Russians.
(c) Americans.
(d) The British.

8. What is Helmut's political stance in 1945 as described in Section 5?
(a) He does not care anymore.
(b) He follows nationalism.
(c) He is a secret communist.
(d) He is loyal to the Third Reich.

9. What does the confrontation at the train station indicate about the Third Reich's concerns?
(a) The Third Reich are adamant about having an organized train station schedule.
(b) The soldiers are concerned about the well-being of the everyday man.
(c) The soldiers are unsure of the population's loyalty to the Third Reich.
(d) The Third Reich are suspicious of photo documentation.

10. How does Helmut feel as the war progresses?
(a) Prosperous.
(b) Lonely.
(c) Excited.
(d) Busy.

11. What makes the children start to fight when Mutti speaks with the farmer?
(a) The twins want candy.
(b) Lore pinches Leisel for trying to open the door.
(c) Peter wakes up crying.
(d) Juri hits Leisel for waking him up.

12. What changes described in Section 3 are occurring in Germany's economy?
(a) Everything is to be rationed.
(b) The war has no effect on the economy.
(c) There is a lot of food but less material goods.
(d) There is a surplus of material goods.

13. Which of Helmut's family portraits does Papi usually prefer?
(a) Ones that show the entire family smiling and proud.
(b) Ones that include Helmut in uniform.
(c) Ones that include Helmut smiling.
(d) Ones that hide Helmut's birth defect.

14. What runs through Helmut's mind as he looks for his parents after the bombings?
(a) The possibility that they might be dead.
(b) That they might be outside of Berlin.
(c) To not let his parents see him cry.
(d) That he will work harder for them if he gets to see them again.

15. What does Lore hear at the hideout when she listens out the window?
(a) Everything is quiet.
(b) Tanks over rubble in the streets.
(c) Birdsongs.
(d) Bombs.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Helmut make a home after his is destroyed?

2. What does Gladigau's neighborhood look like when Helmut finds it?

3. What attracts Lore to a particular tree?

4. How does the reader know the woman who helps Lore is also in bad shape?

5. What is Lore's role in the family?

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