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Rachel Seiffert
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What dilemma does Lore run into by the second day out?
(a) Whether to ask for directions or avoid conversations with people.
(b) Whether to continue to walk or buy train tickets.
(c) Whether to stay on the road or walk through fields.
(d) Whether to buy milk for Peter or bread for the rest of the children.

2. What major obstacle must Lore face on their way to Oma's?
(a) There is no post or trains available.
(b) There is no money for food.
(c) It is winter season and bitterly cold.
(d) They cannot remember where Oma's house is.

3. Who are Gladigau's most common clients?
(a) Soldiers off to war or widowed women.
(b) Widowed men and soldiers.
(c) Whole families.
(d) Widows and orphaned children.

4. When does Lore begin to trust Tomas?
(a) When she tells him about Mutti and the camp.
(b) When Tomas safely brings them across the border.
(c) When she lets Tomas sleep close to her.
(d) When Tomas returns with the twins and Peter.

5. Where are the refugees coming from?
(a) The Steppes.
(b) From Italy.
(c) The western front.
(d) The eastern front.

6. What does Leisel do to anger Lore?
(a) Mention Mutti and the camp out loud.
(b) Refuse to walk further without more food.
(c) Talk to strangers.
(d) Call out for Vati in the middle of town.

7. What does Lore hear at the hideout when she listens out the window?
(a) Birdsongs.
(b) Bombs.
(c) Tanks over rubble in the streets.
(d) Everything is quiet.

8. What is Helmut's ritual when bombs fall in closely?
(a) Cover his ears, close his eyes, and pray in the dark.
(b) Look blankly outside the window for the lights.
(c) Scream at the noise.
(d) Take cover in the dark room.

9. Why is Mutti "clever" for having something on the table every night?
(a) Mutti is a busy woman with a full-time job.
(b) She helps Helmut's arm get stronger.
(c) Mutti is a first-class chef.
(d) She is able to make dinner despite their poverty.

10. What fault does Helmut notice about cameras when shooting around Berlin?
(a) The developed colors are never correct.
(b) Pictures do not exactly match what the witness really sees.
(c) Cameras are too bulky to shoot in secret.
(d) The cameras are heavy with too many parts.

11. What will become of Berlin?
(a) It will be under Soviet rule.
(b) It will be divided.
(c) It will be rebuilt to original plans.
(d) It will be autonomous.

12. What occurs overnight at the church Lore and the children sleep in?
(a) They are evicted by the church members.
(b) Their carriage is stolen.
(c) A young man comes and sleeps in the pew next to them.
(d) Their food is stolen.

13. Who is Lore's family hiding from when they go into hiding?
(a) The townspeople who hate them.
(b) The Nazi party.
(c) The American and Russian army.
(d) The French army.

14. What does Helmut enjoy most about the train station?
(a) The noise.
(b) Watching the train engineers.
(c) Talking to the guard.
(d) People watching.

15. What does the farmer's son tell Lore?
(a) Mutti is trying to get rid of the children but no one wants them.
(b) Vati and Mutti are evil.
(c) Vati is probably with the Russians.
(d) His father is going to evict her family.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Mutti and Papi after the second bombing?

2. Where does Lore's family run to hide when the end of the war is near?

3. What secret must Lore and her siblings hide from strangers?

4. How does Helmut react to his photos of the gypsies?

5. How is Helmut's family best described in the photo at the ice cream shop?

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