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Rachel Seiffert
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lore leave behind when Lore and the children leave a woman's home?
(a) Her mother's earrings.
(b) Diapers and extra clothing.
(c) Some of their food for the woman and her child.
(d) Some money.

2. What does Lore see in some public pictures?
(a) A man in a noose.
(b) A burning cross.
(c) Swastika banners on fire.
(d) Piles of starved, naked people.

3. What runs through Helmut's mind as he looks for his parents after the bombings?
(a) That he will work harder for them if he gets to see them again.
(b) That they might be outside of Berlin.
(c) To not let his parents see him cry.
(d) The possibility that they might be dead.

4. Where is their destination when Lore and her siblings leave the hideout?
(a) Fulda.
(b) Nurembourg.
(c) Bavaria.
(d) Hamburg.

5. How are Lore and the children able to get food when there is no money?
(a) They are unable to get food for days.
(b) They offer farmers labor in exchange for food.
(c) They buy food with coupons.
(d) They beg from farmers or dig up their potatoes.

6. What fault does Helmut notice about cameras when shooting around Berlin?
(a) The cameras are heavy with too many parts.
(b) Pictures do not exactly match what the witness really sees.
(c) The developed colors are never correct.
(d) Cameras are too bulky to shoot in secret.

7. What does Leisel do to anger Lore?
(a) Talk to strangers.
(b) Call out for Vati in the middle of town.
(c) Mention Mutti and the camp out loud.
(d) Refuse to walk further without more food.

8. What secret must Lore and her siblings hide from strangers?
(a) Their final destination.
(b) Their Nazi affiliation.
(c) Their real names.
(d) That Mutti and Vati are not with them.

9. What are Lore's feelings after several days on the road?
(a) She is grateful for her siblings' good behavior.
(b) She is tired of being the caretaker.
(c) She thinks it is not as bad as she assumed it would be.
(d) She wants to stop and not go any further.

10. What is Lore's role in the family?
(a) She is the middle child of the family.
(b) She is the eldest and Mutti's caretaker.
(c) She is the youngest girl in the family.
(d) She is the second oldest, but has more responsiblities.

11. Why does the farmer's wife ask if Lore's mother is still around?
(a) Mutti has possibly gone with the Americans.
(b) Mutti has possibly died.
(c) Mutti has been captured by the Nazis.
(d) Mutti has gone to find Vati.

12. How are Lore and her siblings received by the first set of strangers they meet?
(a) With disdain.
(b) Apathetically.
(c) With care and concern.
(d) With pity.

13. How does Helmut feel as the war progresses?
(a) Busy.
(b) Lonely.
(c) Prosperous.
(d) Excited.

14. Who is Lore's family hiding from when they go into hiding?
(a) The townspeople who hate them.
(b) The French army.
(c) The Nazi party.
(d) The American and Russian army.

15. Who are the people that are leaving the city and where are they going?
(a) Regular German citizens moving to rural areas.
(b) Soldiers going to war and jobs outside the city.
(c) Members of the Nazi party going to Switzerland.
(d) Jewish citizens going to prison camps.

Short Answer Questions

1. What occurs overnight at the church Lore and the children sleep in?

2. Where does Lore's family run to hide when the end of the war is near?

3. When does Helmut begin to take pictures of Berlin again?

4. How does the reader know the woman who helps Lore is also in bad shape?

5. What changes described in Section 3 are occurring in Germany's economy?

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