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Rachel Seiffert
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the farmer's son tell Lore?
(a) Vati is probably with the Russians.
(b) His father is going to evict her family.
(c) Vati and Mutti are evil.
(d) Mutti is trying to get rid of the children but no one wants them.

2. What causes Helmut to smile for the first time in a photo?
(a) He meets with Gladigau again after a long time.
(b) He is a soldier.
(c) He meets his parents again after a long time.
(d) He is recently named Berlin's historian.

3. How does Helmut gain friends as a child?
(a) He impresses them with his knowledge about trains.
(b) He buys sweets.
(c) He takes photos of them.
(d) He is an extrovert.

4. What changes described in Section 3 are occurring in Germany's economy?
(a) The war has no effect on the economy.
(b) There is a lot of food but less material goods.
(c) Everything is to be rationed.
(d) There is a surplus of material goods.

5. How does Helmut feel about the veterans at the train station?
(a) He recognizes that he is better off than they are.
(b) He is jealous and hates them.
(c) He is starstruck and tries to speak with them.
(d) He is appalled by their actions.

6. What makes the children start to fight when Mutti speaks with the farmer?
(a) Peter wakes up crying.
(b) Juri hits Leisel for waking him up.
(c) The twins want candy.
(d) Lore pinches Leisel for trying to open the door.

7. Why is Mutti "clever" for having something on the table every night?
(a) She helps Helmut's arm get stronger.
(b) Mutti is a busy woman with a full-time job.
(c) Mutti is a first-class chef.
(d) She is able to make dinner despite their poverty.

8. Where is Gladigau after the second bombing?
(a) She is hiding in the dark room.
(b) She is assumed to have died.
(c) She is assumed to have evacuated.
(d) She is waiting for Helmut at the train station.

9. What does Lore see in some public pictures?
(a) A man in a noose.
(b) A burning cross.
(c) Piles of starved, naked people.
(d) Swastika banners on fire.

10. How are Lore and her siblings received by the first set of strangers they meet?
(a) Apathetically.
(b) With disdain.
(c) With pity.
(d) With care and concern.

11. What does Lore hear at the hideout when she listens out the window?
(a) Bombs.
(b) Tanks over rubble in the streets.
(c) Everything is quiet.
(d) Birdsongs.

12. Who is the first to indicate Helmut's disability to him?
(a) Gladigau.
(b) The train station guard.
(c) Papi.
(d) The sports teacher.

13. What does a woman offer Lore when Lore sits down very tired?
(a) Her last milk and bread.
(b) A place to nap.
(c) Help with directions.
(d) A way to get to Oma's.

14. How does Helmut consistently obtain food?
(a) He visits the soup kitchen everyday.
(b) He begs when the bakery truck comes in every day.
(c) He takes photos in exchange for food.
(d) He sweeps the train station in exchange for food.

15. What happens when Lore and her siblings must cross a river with a broken bridge?
(a) Lore and Peter almost drown.
(b) Most of the food is lost to the current.
(c) Tomas only helps the younger kids.
(d) Leisel almost drowns.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Helmut pose with in his smiling picture?

2. What "fault" is Helmut born with?

3. What bad sign occurs on the first day of the children's trip?

4. What disagreement occurs between Gladigau and Helmut?

5. Who commits suicide just days after Helmut's last photo?

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