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Rachel Seiffert
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Helmut's parents deny his birth defect?
(a) The parents push him to be normal.
(b) They see a second doctor.
(c) They tell Helmut it is all in his mind.
(d) They ignore Helmut as he grows up.

2. What is Tomas' tattoo most likely to be?
(a) A cross.
(b) A prisoner's marker.
(c) A Nazi marker.
(d) The Jewish marker from the Holocaust.

3. How does the reader know the woman who helps Lore is also in bad shape?
(a) There is no soap or extra food.
(b) The food she offers is spoiled.
(c) She lives in a shed.
(d) The blankets she lends them are worn through.

4. Where does Helmut find safety after the second bombing is over?
(a) Gladigau's apartment.
(b) The train station.
(c) The dark room.
(d) A bakery.

5. What is the biggest difference to Lore between her hometown and her hideout?
(a) The new place seems busier than the old place.
(b) The people at the new place are welcoming compared to the people at home.
(c) The new place is intact and not bombed out everywhere.
(d) The new place is much larger in size.

6. What part of Germany is Lore's family from?
(a) Berlin.
(b) Cologne.
(c) Nurembourg.
(d) Bavaria.

7. What is the reaction of the refugees when they first meet Helmut?
(a) Most ignore him.
(b) They curse him for his crooked arm.
(c) Many beg him for bread.
(d) They resent him for not fighting in the front.

8. What is Lore's role in the family?
(a) She is the youngest girl in the family.
(b) She is the second oldest, but has more responsiblities.
(c) She is the middle child of the family.
(d) She is the eldest and Mutti's caretaker.

9. How are Lore and the children able to get food when there is no money?
(a) They are unable to get food for days.
(b) They beg from farmers or dig up their potatoes.
(c) They buy food with coupons.
(d) They offer farmers labor in exchange for food.

10. What happens to Helmut's feelings about being a soldier in Section 4?
(a) They are still strong.
(b) They have died since the bombings.
(c) He feels hesitant about it.
(d) They changed after seeing the veterans.

11. Where are the children when Lore sees the crowd by the tree?
(a) Waiting at a railway station.
(b) In the bread line.
(c) Already at the tree with the crowd.
(d) Playing with a young man they meet in the square.

12. Which of Helmut's family portraits does Papi usually prefer?
(a) Ones that show the entire family smiling and proud.
(b) Ones that include Helmut in uniform.
(c) Ones that hide Helmut's birth defect.
(d) Ones that include Helmut smiling.

13. Why does the farmer's wife ask if Lore's mother is still around?
(a) Mutti has gone to find Vati.
(b) Mutti has possibly died.
(c) Mutti has been captured by the Nazis.
(d) Mutti has possibly gone with the Americans.

14. What causes Helmut to smile for the first time in a photo?
(a) He is a soldier.
(b) He is recently named Berlin's historian.
(c) He meets with Gladigau again after a long time.
(d) He meets his parents again after a long time.

15. What does the old woman lie to Lore about to get money?
(a) A way to get train tickets.
(b) Where the nearest Red Cross food line is.
(c) Correct directions to Oma's.
(d) That paraffin will kill the lice.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Gladigau after the second bombing?

2. What does Leisel do to anger Lore?

3. Who is Lore's family hiding from when they go into hiding?

4. What will become of Berlin?

5. How is Helmut's ability as a darkroom technician described?

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