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Rachel Seiffert
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What "fault" is Helmut born with?
(a) A missing pectoral muscle.
(b) A shortened arm.
(c) A deformed shoulder joint.
(d) A missing back muscle.

2. Who does Vati work for?
(a) A farmer.
(b) The German army.
(c) The Nizkor Project.
(d) The German Intelligence Agency.

3. How does Helmut consistently obtain food?
(a) He visits the soup kitchen everyday.
(b) He takes photos in exchange for food.
(c) He sweeps the train station in exchange for food.
(d) He begs when the bakery truck comes in every day.

4. Who helps Helmut obtain consistent food?
(a) A veteran.
(b) The local baker.
(c) Another man who has lost his family.
(d) The train station guard.

5. What does Lore hear at the hideout when she listens out the window?
(a) Everything is quiet.
(b) Birdsongs.
(c) Tanks over rubble in the streets.
(d) Bombs.

6. Why is Mutti embarrassed of Helmut?
(a) Helmut takes bad pictures for Gladigau.
(b) She considers his quiet behavior rude.
(c) Because Helmut cannot join the army.
(d) Helmut is not very bright.

7. What does the old woman lie to Lore about to get money?
(a) A way to get train tickets.
(b) That paraffin will kill the lice.
(c) Correct directions to Oma's.
(d) Where the nearest Red Cross food line is.

8. What makes the children start to fight when Mutti speaks with the farmer?
(a) Lore pinches Leisel for trying to open the door.
(b) Peter wakes up crying.
(c) The twins want candy.
(d) Juri hits Leisel for waking him up.

9. What does Helmut do when he meets the refugees?
(a) Spews out Nazi speeches and logic.
(b) Begs them for money.
(c) Argues that they are liars.
(d) Scolds them for being cowards.

10. What does the confrontation at the train station indicate about the Third Reich's concerns?
(a) The Third Reich are suspicious of photo documentation.
(b) The soldiers are concerned about the well-being of the everyday man.
(c) The Third Reich are adamant about having an organized train station schedule.
(d) The soldiers are unsure of the population's loyalty to the Third Reich.

11. What is Tomas' tattoo most likely to be?
(a) A Nazi marker.
(b) A cross.
(c) The Jewish marker from the Holocaust.
(d) A prisoner's marker.

12. How does Helmut feel about the veterans at the train station?
(a) He is starstruck and tries to speak with them.
(b) He recognizes that he is better off than they are.
(c) He is appalled by their actions.
(d) He is jealous and hates them.

13. Where is their destination when Lore and her siblings leave the hideout?
(a) Fulda.
(b) Bavaria.
(c) Nurembourg.
(d) Hamburg.

14. Who does Helmut pose with in his smiling picture?
(a) The train station guard.
(b) His parents.
(c) A troop of soldiers.
(d) Gladigau.

15. What changes described in Section 3 are occurring in Germany's economy?
(a) There is a surplus of material goods.
(b) The war has no effect on the economy.
(c) Everything is to be rationed.
(d) There is a lot of food but less material goods.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Lore's family hiding from when they go into hiding?

2. What happens to Helm's notebook at the train station?

3. Who are the people that are leaving the city and where are they going?

4. What happens to Helmut's feelings about being a soldier in Section 4?

5. What fault does Helmut notice about cameras when shooting around Berlin?

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