The Dark Room Short Essay - Answer Key

Rachel Seiffert
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1. Helmut is cast to the side with the weak during physical education. Helmut tries to "prove himself" for whom and why?

Helmut is young when he begins physical education classes. At that point, Helmut is not even aware of any weaknesses or differences between him and the other children. He does not know why he is cast aside with the other weak boys but he accepts this and does not argue with his instructor. However, Papi will not sit aside and let his only boy be a shame of the family. It is Papi that pushes Helmut to prove himself and that the birth defect does not hinder his strength. For the rest of Helmut's life, it is for his Papi that he tries to prove himself strong and able. Never is it for his want and care but for his Papi's approval.

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