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Rachel Seiffert
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Micha," Belarus, Spring 1999.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the reaction of the refugees when they first meet Helmut?
(a) Most ignore him.
(b) Many beg him for bread.
(c) They resent him for not fighting in the front.
(d) They curse him for his crooked arm.

2. What are Lore's feelings after several days on the road?
(a) She is grateful for her siblings' good behavior.
(b) She is tired of being the caretaker.
(c) She thinks it is not as bad as she assumed it would be.
(d) She wants to stop and not go any further.

3. To what does Helmut devote one photo from each roll of film?
(a) A picture of himself.
(b) A picture of his cellar.
(c) A picture of the train station.
(d) A picture of his old neighborhood.

4. What is Helmut's new job in 1945?
(a) He takes tickets from passengers at the train station.
(b) He is the owner of a photo shop.
(c) He is Berlin's historian.
(d) He digs trenches and piles rubble.

5. What does a woman offer Lore when Lore sits down very tired?
(a) Help with directions.
(b) Her last milk and bread.
(c) A way to get to Oma's.
(d) A place to nap.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Micha stay with during his time away?

2. What does Elena show Micha?

3. Why does Lore bury the last of Vati's pictures?

4. When does Lore begin to trust Tomas?

5. Who does Juri offer his bread to despite his own hunger?

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