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Rachel Seiffert
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Micha," Belarus, Summer 1998.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lore notice when the children take a picture together?
(a) They have darkened under the sun during their trip.
(b) They look healthier than they feel.
(c) No one is smiling.
(d) They look like thin and scraggly strangers.

2. What is the family's response to Micha's search?
(a) They want to know but do not want to talk about it.
(b) They encourage the truth to be revealed.
(c) They want him to stop.
(d) They do not care so long as they are not involved.

3. How do Helmut's parents deny his birth defect?
(a) They tell Helmut it is all in his mind.
(b) They ignore Helmut as he grows up.
(c) They see a second doctor.
(d) The parents push him to be normal.

4. What happens when Americans question Lore on the road?
(a) The young man shows them papers and tells them they are siblings on their way to Oma's.
(b) Lore tells them she is on the way to Fulda.
(c) She cannot understand so she ignores them and walks on.
(d) Lore tells them they are with the young man.

5. How is Helmut's ability as a darkroom technician described?
(a) Accurate and skillful.
(b) Incompetent.
(c) Slow but progressive.
(d) Average.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Micha identify historical sites related to the Nazis?

2. What sign of trouble does Tomas see when Lore and her siblings attempt to get on the train?

3. What does the farmer's son tell Lore?

4. What does Leisel do to anger Lore?

5. What changes described in Section 3 are occurring in Germany's economy?

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