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Rachel Seiffert
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Lore," Section 2 (Pages 57-74).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What major obstacle must Lore face on their way to Oma's?
(a) They cannot remember where Oma's house is.
(b) It is winter season and bitterly cold.
(c) There is no post or trains available.
(d) There is no money for food.

2. When does Helmut begin to take pictures of Berlin again?
(a) During the winter months.
(b) Immediately after the bombings take place.
(c) During the summer months.
(d) When the refugees and veterans fill the streets of Berlin again.

3. What does the confrontation at the train station indicate about the Third Reich's concerns?
(a) The Third Reich are adamant about having an organized train station schedule.
(b) The soldiers are unsure of the population's loyalty to the Third Reich.
(c) The soldiers are concerned about the well-being of the everyday man.
(d) The Third Reich are suspicious of photo documentation.

4. How is Papi best described?
(a) Happy and cheerful.
(b) Disloyal to the Third Reich.
(c) Proud of his son.
(d) Hard working.

5. What thought is on everyone's mind while Lore's family is in hiding?
(a) Vati will be home soon.
(b) The Russians are taking over Germany.
(c) The end of the war is near.
(d) Mutti and Vati are going to prison.

Short Answer Questions

1. What opportunity is Helmut given in 1945?

2. Where is their destination when Lore and her siblings leave the hideout?

3. Who comes to visit Mutti in a jeep?

4. How does Gladigau view Papi and his family?

5. What happens to Helm's notebook at the train station?

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