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Rachel Seiffert
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Micha," Belarus, Summer 1998.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Micha afraid to tell the person he is staying with?
(a) That he is looking for his Opa.
(b) That he is a schoolteacher.
(c) That he is part Jewish.
(d) That he is in search of Opa's true background.

2. What is Helmut's ritual when bombs fall in closely?
(a) Cover his ears, close his eyes, and pray in the dark.
(b) Scream at the noise.
(c) Take cover in the dark room.
(d) Look blankly outside the window for the lights.

3. What happens when Lore and her siblings must cross a river with a broken bridge?
(a) Lore and Peter almost drown.
(b) Leisel almost drowns.
(c) Tomas only helps the younger kids.
(d) Most of the food is lost to the current.

4. What does Gladigau's neighborhood look like when Helmut finds it?
(a) It is unscathed.
(b) It is on fire.
(c) It looks worse than his.
(d) There is no more neighborhood.

5. What confuses Lore when they are close to Oma's?
(a) Oma is said to not live there anymore.
(b) No one seems to recognize Oma's name.
(c) She cannot recognize the city with so many bombed areas.
(d) Tomas tells Lore that Oma may be in prison too.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is their destination when Lore and her siblings leave the hideout?

2. What does Helmut notice about the train station?

3. What does the farmer's son tell Lore?

4. Who commits suicide just days after Helmut's last photo?

5. Who does Juri offer his bread to despite his own hunger?

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