Daily Lessons for Teaching The Dark Room

Rachel Seiffert
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Lesson 1 (from "Helmut," Section 1 (Pages 3-14))


Gladigau takes portraits of Papi and his family as Helmut ages into an adult. The objective of this lesson is to see how Helmut's family truly is and how they wish to represent themselves.


1) Discuss as a class what Papi and Mutti wishes of their son. What are they most afraid of? Is it Helmut's ability to care for himself? Is it how others look at them?

2) Divide into small groups. Assign each group to Papi, Mutti, or Gladigau. Discuss how the assigned person receives the family portraits. Which picture does the person prefer? Why does he/she choose this way? What observations do you make about the pictures? How does the person handle the photos? Share findings with the class.

3) Write a small paragraph on who has the most accurate view of Helmut's family. Which photos would best represent them as they really feel...

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