The Dark Room Character Descriptions

Rachel Seiffert
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This character was born with a birth defect that inhibits participation in the war front.

Papi of Helmut

In order to raise a family, this character works hard as a photographer's assistant until a management position opens up elsewhere.

Mutti of Helmut

This character cares for the family but displays nervousness and embarrassment around mothers and children.

Herr Gladigau

This character is a photographer who employs a man and later, his employee's son, to help run the shop.


This character is a young teenager who leads the children to Hamburg immediately after the fall of Germany in 1945.


This character is a family member who treks to Hamburg and loses a head of hair along the way.


This character is a starving German who steals Jewish papers to survive during American occupation.


This character is a young child who journeys with the family to...

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