The Dark Room Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Rachel Seiffert
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"Helmut," Section 1 (Pages 3-14)

• Helmut is born with a birth defect, a missing pectoral muscle.

• Papi finds regular work as a photographer's assistant to Gladigau.

• Part of Papi's pay as Helmut grows older is family portraits.

• Papi gains full-time employment and moves family to a better flat.

• Helmut now lives near a train station and enjoys idling there.

• Helmut is not allowed to play in physical education.

• Papi and Mutti are ashamed of Helmut's right arm.

• Papi leaves for a management job and Helmut help Gladigau.

• Helmut is denied acceptance into Germany's army.

"Helmut," Section 2 (Pages 15-22)

• Helmut returns to the train station to note timetables and people watch.

• Berlin is beginning to lose people.

• A soldier confiscates Helmut's notebook on trains' timetables and population numbers.

• Helmut's family goes on a beach vacation.

• The train station goes through a rebuild and Helmut documents with pictures.

"Helmut," Section 3 (Pages 22-37)

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