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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the news report, who has taken over Gotham's underworld?
(a) The Joker.
(b) Batman.
(c) Harvey Dent.
(d) The Mutants.

2. After a perilous chase, who does Batman finally tackle and uncover his identity?
(a) A Mutants gang member.
(b) The Scarecrow.
(c) The Joker.
(d) Harvey Dent.

3. What happens to Batman's legs as he crouches on the roof, waiting for the helicopters to arrive?
(a) They throb.
(b) They are knocked out from beneath him.
(c) They are injured.
(d) They cramp up.

4. With whom does Commissioner Gordon share a private drink at the beginning of the novel?
(a) His wife, Sarah.
(b) Harvey Dent.
(c) Bruce Wayne.
(d) Clark Kent.

5. Who saves the kidnapped heir to a wealthy family?
(a) Commissioner Gordon.
(b) Batman.
(c) Robin.
(d) Superman.

Short Answer Questions

1. The night after Harvey Dent's release, Bruce Wayne has a flashback about what?

2. What did one of the bank robbers say that Batman didn't do?

3. How long has the Joker been in a comatose state?

4. What does Batman compare the newer helicopter to?

5. After leaving the home of an old friend, Bruce Wayne walks around Gotham City and thinks about what?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Batman confronts Harvey Dent, what does he mean when he thinks "...the scars go deep--too deep"?

2. How does Batman continue to use fear to cripple the younger criminals he encounters?

3. How does Batman's nostalgia about Robin serve as foreshadowing for his battle with the Mutants' leader?

4. Why is it important to note that Harvey Dent has returned to a life of crime?

5. How does the attempted mugging of Bruce Wayne trigger a flashback to a former violent act?

6. One of the criminals Batman hurt attempts to sue him and asks the Gotham City Police to press charges against him. What is the irony of these actions?

7. In what ways is the protagonist, Bruce Wayne, conflicted at the beginning of "The Dark Knight Returns"?

8. Why does Harvey Dent cover his new face with bandages?

9. When Commissioner Gordon is attacked by a member of the Mutants gang, why does thinking of his wife Sarah make it easy for him to fight back?

10. What is the significance of the storm breaking over Gotham City after weeks of intense heat?

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