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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After a perilous chase, who does Batman finally tackle and uncover his identity?
(a) The Joker.
(b) Harvey Dent.
(c) The Scarecrow.
(d) A Mutants gang member.

2. Who does Commissioner Gordon believe was leaking information to the media?
(a) Gallaher.
(b) A rookie cop.
(c) Merkel.
(d) Yindl.

3. Which character said, "We must believe our private demons can be defeated..."?
(a) Robin.
(b) Alfred.
(c) Bruce Wayne.
(d) Commissioner Gordon.

4. In their meeting on the roof of one of Gotham City's twin towers, what does Batman tell Commissioner Gordon about Harvey Dent?
(a) Dent is innocent.
(b) Dent is a smart man.
(c) Dent is possessed.
(d) Dent is dead.

5. After the battle with the Mutants, who helps Batman as he lay in the bat cave?
(a) Superman.
(b) Selina Kyle.
(c) Alfred.
(d) Robin.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to the news report, who has taken over Gotham's underworld?

2. What does Batman regret when reflecting on the incident with the bank robbers?

3. At Arkham, what does Dr. Wopler tell his patient about Commissioner Gordon?

4. In Book 1, in the back of the cab, what is happening to a woman while the driver looks away?

5. According to the news reports, who was responsible for abducting the children from their homes?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is it important to note that Harvey Dent has returned to a life of crime?

2. How does Lana Lang's words, "We live in the shadow of crime, Ted, with the unspoken understanding that we are victims--of fear, of violence, of social impotence..." equate to Batman's beliefs?

3. Why does the author write the words Morrie uses to describe Batman, "...morally bankrupt, politically hazardous, reactionary, paranoid...," on the panel of the Joker smiling and staring gleefully at the television?

4. When Batman confronts Harvey Dent, what does he mean when he thinks "...the scars go deep--too deep"?

5. How does the attempted mugging of Bruce Wayne trigger a flashback to a former violent act?

6. What does Bruce Wayne means when he tells the news reporter, "We must believe that our private demons can be defeated..."?

7. When Commissioner Gordon and Bruce Wayne talk over drinks, what is the significance of Bruce Wayne referring to himself in the third person?

8. How is the demon metaphor for Batman further promoted during Bruce Wayne's sleepwalking and flashback scene?

9. In what ways are the soaring high temperatures symbolic of the violence in Gotham City?

10. One of the criminals Batman hurt attempts to sue him and asks the Gotham City Police to press charges against him. What is the irony of these actions?

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