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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the Mutants' meeting, what is Batman driving?
(a) The batcycle.
(b) A tank.
(c) A horse.
(d) The batmobile.

2. What happens to Bruce Wayne during the opening of the novel?
(a) His race car explodes into flames.
(b) His back is thrown out.
(c) He is put in the hospital.
(d) He is blinded by fire.

3. What does Alfred tell Bruce Wayne he has a recipe for?
(a) Cake.
(b) Cookies.
(c) Poison.
(d) Soup.

4. Who stops a Mutants gang member from hurting a woman and stealing her groceries?
(a) Harvey Dent.
(b) Commissioner Gordon.
(c) Robin.
(d) Batman.

5. What does Batman do at the Mutants' meeting to get their attention?
(a) He throws off a costume and fights them.
(b) He swings in from above.
(c) He bulldozes through the crowd.
(d) He waves a flag.

6. The Mutants kidnap the important heir of a wealthy family? What is the heir's name?
(a) Batman.
(b) Carrie Kelley.
(c) Kevin Ridley.
(d) Alfred.

7. Which character said, "We must believe our private demons can be defeated..."?
(a) Alfred.
(b) Commissioner Gordon.
(c) Robin.
(d) Bruce Wayne.

8. At Arkham, who is the patient who receives plastic surgery and is believed to be cured?
(a) Robin.
(b) The Joker.
(c) Harvey Dent.
(d) Bruce Wayne.

9. The news media receive a videotape from whom?
(a) Harvey Dent.
(b) Batman.
(c) The Joker.
(d) The Mutants.

10. Who wants the Joker to make bombs for him?
(a) The Mutants' leader.
(b) Harvey Dent.
(c) Batman.
(d) Dr. Wopler.

11. According to Batman, how many bank robbers were in the car?
(a) 2.
(b) 4.
(c) 3.
(d) 1.

12. According to the news report, who has taken over Gotham's underworld?
(a) Batman.
(b) Harvey Dent.
(c) The Mutants.
(d) The Joker.

13. Who among Gotham City's Police force knows Batman's real identity?
(a) Alfred.
(b) Robin.
(c) Commissioner Yindel.
(d) Commissioner Gordon.

14. What does Batman compare the newer helicopter to?
(a) An aircraft.
(b) A dragonfly.
(c) A flamingo.
(d) A bird.

15. At the Mutants' meeting, what does Batman demands of the Mutants?
(a) Fight each other.
(b) Join him.
(c) Surrender.
(d) Turn themselves into the Gotham City Police.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who attacks Carrie and her friend Michelle on their way home from school?

2. After visiting an old friend at the beginning of the novel, where does Bruce Wayne leave his car?

3. Who do the people of Gotham City believe died in the incident at the beginning of the novel?

4. On the roof, Batman tells Commissioner Gordon that what two items were stolen?

5. After defeating most of the Mutants gang, who does Batman fight?

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