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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Pages 58-73.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who dies when the helicopter explodes?
(a) Four criminals.
(b) The Mutants' leader.
(c) One helicopter pilot.
(d) The Joker.

2. In the pursuit of the bank robbers, what does Batman say he needs to climb the rope?
(a) His intellect.
(b) His strength.
(c) His legs.
(d) His arms.

3. Who pays a visit to the Joker at Arkham?
(a) Batman.
(b) One of the Joker's thugs.
(c) Harvey Dent.
(d) Dr. Wopler.

4. Why do the muggers stop attacking Bruce Wayne?
(a) The Gotham City Police came.
(b) Other people walked by.
(c) Because he wasn't scared.
(d) Because they were bored.

5. Why doesn't Bruce Wayne drive his car home after leaving the house of an old friend?
(a) He wants some fresh air.
(b) He wants to ride a mtorocycle.
(c) He doesn't want to be inside anything.
(d) He's drunk.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who calls Bruce Wayne, claiming to be lonely?

2. Who do the bank robbers say killed Batman?

3. What does Commissioner Gordon do to his stalker?

4. The first night of his return, Batman races through the rain the night of the big storm. What does he describe the rain as?

5. What weather event does the weatherman compare to the wrath of God?

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