Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Multiple Choice Test Questions

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Multiple Choice

1. It's summer in Gotham City, and what is wrong with the weather?
(a) It's raining a lot.
(b) It is snowing.
(c) There are floods.
(d) It's unseasonably hot.

2. The unseasonable weather in Gotham City is responsible for a major rise in what?
(a) Soda sales.
(b) Record swimming pool sales.
(c) Power outages.
(d) Civilian violence.

3. At the onset of the novel, what is Bruce Wayne doing?
(a) Fighting.
(b) Sleeping.
(c) Working.
(d) Racing.

4. What happens to Bruce Wayne during the opening of the novel?
(a) He is put in the hospital.
(b) His back is thrown out.
(c) He is blinded by fire.
(d) His race car explodes into flames.

5. In the beginning of the novel, what does Carol warn Bruce about?
(a) He is going too slow.
(b) His bad driving.
(c) He is about to crash.
(d) Driving too fast.

6. During the newscast in the beginning of the novel, the news anchor mentions it is the tenth anniversary of what?
(a) The last sighting of Batman.
(b) Safety week at the raceway.
(c) Bruce Wayne's new building.
(d) Superman's birthday.

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