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Short Answer Questions

1. Who encourages Camara and Marie to be more intimate?

2. How does Camara feel about Konden Diara?

3. Who is Marie?

4. How do the other boys feel when Camara puts Marie on his bicycle?

5. How long do Camara and Kouyate stay at Check's bedside before he dies?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens during the first year Camara is supposed to attend school in Conakry?

2. How do Camara's parents initially react to his news about going to Paris?

3. What happens in the special hut where the young men are gathered before the actual circumcision takes place?

4. What do the guests of the circumcision ceremony do to the teenage boys and how is this manifested to Camara? What is his reaction?

5. What happens towards the middle of the night when the initial procession around town finishes?

6. Describe the character of Camara's mother.

7. How do Camara and Marie spend time together as teenagers?

8. What does Camara receive from his parents before he leaves home for Conakry?

9. Describe the character of Marie.

10. How has Camara's hut in Kouroussa changed when he comes home for vacation?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe Camara's transition from childhood to manhood. How does this manifest in the book? How does this transition affect his position in his family? Give supporting evidence from the chapter. How does this transition further the plot? What is the author trying to point out with this episode? How has the character of Camara changed? How does his transition affect his mother?

Essay Topic 2

The rice season in Tindican is something Camara does not want to miss. The harvest starts with a tradition. Describe this tradition and discuss Camara's thoughts about the tradition. What does this tell you about the character of Camara? Compare/contrast his personality to that of his parents.

Essay Topic 3

"The Dark Child" is an autobiographical novel. How do you know this? Prove that the book is this kind of genre with supporting evidence gathered from the novel. What is the author's writing style? How does he relate the stories and the characters to himself? Give examples.

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