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Short Answer Questions

1. Who gathers the boys to take them away for their teenage ritual?

2. How does Check feel about summer he and Kouyate are having while waiting for teaching jobs?

3. Where do Camara and his two friends show up after disappearing for awhile?

4. What does Camara's mother do right before he leaves home?

5. What does the director in Conakry give Camara before he leaves the country?

Short Essay Questions

1. Following their encounter with Konden Diara, the young boys face the real test of circumcision. How does the ceremony in Kouroussa proceed?

2. What happens when Camara and his father go to talk to Camara's mother again, hoping to convince her to let Camara finish his studies in Paris?

3. How has Camara's hut in Kouroussa changed when he comes home for vacation?

4. At the end of Camara's third year of school, he takes his proficiency examinations. Describe what happens.

5. How do Camara and Marie spend time together as teenagers?

6. Describe the character of Camara's mother.

7. How do Camara's parents initially react to his news about going to Paris?

8. What happens towards the middle of the night when the initial procession around town finishes?

9. What does Camara receive from his parents before he leaves home for Conakry?

10. Describe the character of Marie.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In chapter 7 Konden Diara is introduced. What or who is Konden Diara? What does he represent? Relate Konden Diara to the rite of passage. Describe his presence in detail, using supporting evidence from chapter 7. How does he influence the boys' feelings? What do they know about him? Does he show up during the ritual? How? When? What is the secret behind him?

Essay Topic 2

Chapter 2 of "The Dark Child" talks mainly about the gold work Camara's father performs. This gold work creates positive and negative reactions throughout the chapter. Compare/contrast the reactions of the chapter's characters in relation to the significance of the gold work. Use supporting evidence to discuss the different emotions towards the gold/gold work.

Essay Topic 3

In chapter 3, Camara describes his grandmother's hut. How does this hut compare/contrast to his mother's hut? What picture does the author bring to mind about the living quarters of people in Guinea? Describe the general idea you get about the habitation of Camara's family and compare it to your own environment.

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