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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do all the apprentices and workers in the blacksmith shop turn their attention to the production of the trinket?
(a) Because gold work is boring.
(b) Because gold work is rare and boring.
(c) Because gold work is rare and fascinating.
(d) Because gold work is abundant and fascinating.

2. Why does Camara feel self-conscious in his school clothes while in Tindican?
(a) Because they look different from the other boys' clothes.
(b) Because they are expensive.
(c) Because they look similar to the other boys' clothes.
(d) Because they are uncomfortable.

3. What does Camara think about country people?
(a) That they are dignified and considerate.
(b) That they are undignified and considerate.
(c) That they are stupid.
(d) That they are inconsiderate.

4. When does rice season occur in Tindican?
(a) In January.
(b) In November.
(c) In October.
(d) In December.

5. When the special snake began to appear on a regular basis, what did it do?
(a) He helped Camara's father know the future.
(b) He helped Camara's father know life's secrets.
(c) He helped Camara's mother know the future.
(d) He helped Camara know the future.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Camara and his friends play with while he's in Tindican?

2. What did Camara and his apprentice friend talk about?

3. Camara's mother displays what sort of attitude?

4. When is the douga sung?

5. What does Camara's school teacher do?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the result of years of abuse for the school children?

2. While he was growing up, what were the rules during meals in Camara's parents' household?

3. How is the special black snake involved with Camara's father's gold work?

4. According to Camara, what do many people think about country people, and what is Camara's opinion about them?

5. One day, a woman comes to Camara's father's shop with gold. She wants the gold made into a trinket. What is special about having a trinket made?

6. When Camara arrives in Tindican as a child, how does his grandmother react?

7. How are Camara's father's apprentices treated, and how does Camara feel about this?

8. Where are Camara's parents' huts located, and what are the consequences of living in that location?

9. Camara Laye's earliest memories revolve around his father's forge. What is the forge? What happens there? What does Camara do there?

10. What happens in Tindican during the rice season in December?

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