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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is always present when Camara's father works with gold?
(a) The black snake.
(b) Camara's mother.
(c) A new snake.
(d) A black cat.

2. What does Camara's father do as he works with the gold?
(a) He breathes unknown cantations.
(b) He is very quiet.
(c) He sings a song.
(d) He talks to his son.

3. What does Camara believe about his mother?
(a) That she has special powers.
(b) That she is very special.
(c) That she has special flowers.
(d) That she doesn't have special powers.

4. How long is the walk from Kouroussa to Tindican normally?
(a) Two hours.
(b) Three hours.
(c) One hour.
(d) Four hours.

5. Why do people hang ears of corn on ropes?
(a) To keep them away from the farm animals.
(b) To keep them away from the children.
(c) To keep them away from the pets.
(d) To keep them away from the neighbors.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who embraces Camara when he arrives in Tindican?

2. Who makes fun of Camara because he's feeling awkward around Fanta?

3. Who cuts the first swath of rice from the field on the day of the harvest?

4. What instrument does the praise-singer pull out when singing the praises of Camara's father in chapter 2?

5. Where are Camara's parents' huts located?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Camara's father tell Camara the story about the special snake? What else does he suggest to Camara about the snake?

2. What is Camara thinking while he is in the rice fields with all the reapers?

3. What happens in Tindican during the rice season in December?

4. What does Camara's grandmother's hut look like?

5. When does young Camara find his friends in Tindican, and what do they do?

6. What is the result of years of abuse for the school children?

7. Where are Camara's parents' huts located, and what are the consequences of living in that location?

8. One day, a woman comes to Camara's father's shop with gold. She wants the gold made into a trinket. What is special about having a trinket made?

9. After the snake encounter, Camara finds it amusing to yell to his mother, "There's a snake!" How does his mother react when he yells like this?

10. Camara remembers seeing a snake for the first time and being fascinated with its glittering eyes. What does he do to the snake, and what happens next?

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