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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Genre is a type of literary work. "The Dark Child" by Camara Laye is an autobiographical novel since the author reflects on his own life. This lesson will discuss the genre of autobiography.


1) Class discussion: What is genre? What genre is "The Dark Child"? How do you know? What are the elements of this kind of genre? What do books classified as autobiography have in common? How does the author name the characters in chapter 1? How does this relate to the genre of autobiography?

2) Writing assignment: Do autobiographies belong to the category of fiction or non-fiction? Explain your answer. What are the elements of non-fiction books? Relate these elements to the autobiography "The Dark Child."

3) In pairs: Pick five sentences from chapter 1 that prove "The Dark Child" is an autobiography. Write these sentences down. Then, replace these five sentences with how they might sound if...

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