The Dark Child Character Descriptions

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Camara Laye - This character is the main character and narrator who begins the story as a very small child and ends as an adult leaving Guinea to study in Paris.

Laye's Father - This character is never given a name in the book. This character is calm, orderly, religious, influential, ambitious, and has special prophetic powers.

Laye's Mother - This character has supernatural powers and two older brothers who are twins. This character takes care of children and is very authoritarian and realistic.

Laye's Grandmother - This character is clean, brags about the main character and cares about the family. Everybody feels comfortable in this character's presence.

Sidafa - This character is an apprentice who doesn't go to school and lives with the main character.

Kayoute - This character is a friend and initial schoolmate of the main character. Both characters share rites, which strengthen their...

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