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The Kona Inn

Here Hunter drinks, writes, and watches fishermen weigh their fish at the end of the pier.


This is Hawaiian for Path of the Gods and the name of the harbor where Captain James Cook landed his fleet.

Haere Marue

This is the boat captained by Captain Steve.

Fighting Seat

Sports fishermen strap themselves into this to keep from being pulled free of the boat while trying to land a large fish.

Samoan War Club

Hunter purchases this from the hotel gift shop and later uses it to slay the marlin.

South Point

This is a Hawaiian district thought to have stormier, wetter weather than the Kona district on the opposite side of the island.

The City of Refuge

Historically, this city provided asylum to any within, regardless of their crimes.

Kona Coast

This is a Hawaiian district thought to have calmer, drier weather than...

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