The Curse of Lono Character Descriptions

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Hunter S. Thompson

He is identified largely by ego, locating everything, even his friends, in terms of himself. His egotism reaches its apex when he declares himself the returned god Lono.

Ralph Steadman

He is appalled by drugs and wants nothing to do with dope addicts. A family man, his wife and daughter are along for the trip. He worries about his daughter in particular, concerned for her emotional well-being in the face of so much adversity.


Hunter meets him on the plane after he accidentally dyes his hand blue in the restroom.

Gene Skinner

At the end of the Vietnam war, he used Air America as a front for smuggling opium.

Captain James Cook

He is the English sailor who discovered the Hawaiian isles. For a time the Hawaiians accepted him as the earthly incarnation of the god Lono.


He is the Hawaiian god of...

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