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Frontmatter and The Blue Arm

• Running magazine ask Hunter to cover the Honolulu Marathon. Hunter invites his artist friend Ralph and his family.

• On the flight to Hawaii, Hunter needs to use the toilet, but the man inside refuses to leave. Finally, with some help from the airline staff, Hunter ejects a man called Ackerman.
• Hunter talks to Ackerman about Hawaii. Ackerman tells him about the City of Refuge. Here even the worst people are safe.

• Hunter begins reading a story about Captain Cook. He arrived in Hawaii with his ships falling apart and his crews nearing mutiny.
• Hunter shares a vial of drugs with Ackerman.

• The chapter ends with Captain Cook ordering his crew to drop anchor in the bay of Kealakekua.

Adventures in the Dumb Life and Fire in the Nuts

• Hunter meets Gene Skinner at the airport. Gene used to work for the CIA, but...

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