The Counterlife Character Descriptions

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Nathan Zuckerman

This character has been divorced four times and is said to hold nothing sacred.

Henry Zuckerman

This character risks living to have surgery that will restore the ability to have recreational sex.


This character is an Englishwoman who lacks attention for her husband.


This character has a husband that relocates to Israel.


This character is a dental assistant and mistress.

Shuki Elchanan

This character is an Israeli journalist that warns a friend about an uncertain person.

Jimmy Ben-Joseph

This character has an idea about a way to cure the problems in Israel.

Mordecai Lippman

This character is regarded as a hero and also a dangerous zealot.

Mrs. Freshfield

This character is said to be traditional and is known to have strong anti-semitic views.


This character is a toddler during the time that the story takes place.

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