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Part 1 Basel, pages 3-13

• The story begins with the story of Henry Zuckerman.

• Henry is diagnosed with a heart problem. His medication causes side effects, including impotence.

• Henry is unable to have sex with his wife or his mistress due to the medication he is taking.

• Henry's impotence causes him to become depressed. He wants to consider surgery as an option, but the doctor advices against it because of the dangers.
• Henry tries to contact Nathan, his brother, but Henry continues to back out.

• Nathan is introduced as a successful writer who has revealed some family secrets in one of his books. This causes the poor relationship between him and Henry.

• Henry becomes more depressed, and he wonders if the cause for his stress and heart condition is because he had to give up his affair with a Swiss woman named Maria.

Part 2 Basel, pages 13-49

• Nathan tries...

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