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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During this part of the story Urizen does what?
(a) Ascends.
(b) Falls.
(c) Descends.
(d) Dies.

2. Describe the stanzas of the first of these.
(a) Interesting.
(b) Overdone.
(c) Ornate.
(d) Simplistic.

3. Here again there are many what?
(a) Sets of poems.
(b) Epic tales.
(c) Individual poems.
(d) Short stories.

4. What is another recurring image?
(a) Animals being taken by humans.
(b) Animals being taken by other animals.
(c) Humans being taken by animals.
(d) Humans being taken by other humans.

5. How are these sets of poems quite famous?
(a) They are the inspiration for most of today's best poets.
(b) They have been used, for some cases, for over a century in academic institutions.
(c) They, in some cases, have been studied for over a decade in academic institutions.
(d) They are still read in every public school in England.

Short Answer Questions

1. What constitutes a major change in the writings of William Blake?

2. Those poems dedicated to the same star, in evening and then in morning, are only how many stanzas long?

3. The first argument claims what?

4. The opening scene is of a small gathering where there is what taking place?

5. In this particular case, the set constituted what?

Short Essay Questions

1. To what is this portion devoted? Describe this portion.

2. Describe the poems called "nights."

3. Where is this theme handled? Give an example to support your response.

4. How does this section open?

5. What is one example of Blake's beliefs being discussed into greater detail in this section?

6. Give an example of an epitaph from this section.

7. Describe the poems that are dedicated to the stage.

8. What happens when Urizen descends? What might this represent?

9. How does this section begin?

10. Describe the evil ones in Blake's poetic stories.

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