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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. He uses his powers to do what?
(a) Leave hells.
(b) Enter and traverse hells.
(c) Create hells.
(d) Destroy hells.

2. These poems focus upon what special torment?
(a) Love and kindness, particularly when found together.
(b) Love and desire, particularly when found together.
(c) Love and jealousy, particularly when found together.
(d) Love and hate, particularly when found together.

3. In this particular case, the set constituted what?
(a) A story.
(b) A fairytale.
(c) An epic.
(d) A written poem.

4. What is another recurring image?
(a) Animals being taken by humans.
(b) Humans being taken by other humans.
(c) Animals being taken by other animals.
(d) Humans being taken by animals.

5. Urizen is where?
(a) In a Void.
(b) In the dark fiery regions.
(c) In his home.
(d) In heaven.

6. In the poem, Summer, each stanza is progressively ______________ than the one before it.
(a) Shorter.
(b) Longer.
(c) More simplistic.
(d) More convoluted.

7. This begins as a ____________ the preceding summary chapter.
(a) Change from.
(b) A contrast to.
(c) A diversion from.
(d) Continuation of.

8. After this, there is the area under Numeral VII entitled The Everlasting Gospel which contains what?
(a) Three poems.
(b) Two poems.
(c) Four poems.
(d) One poem.

9. By the 9th chapter, what is happening?
(a) The argument has escalated.
(b) The small group of men are moving intentionally towards going and getting drunk together.
(c) The battle has ended.
(d) The auction has ended.

10. There are individual stanzas that are how many lines long or longer?
(a) 35.
(b) 55.
(c) 65.
(d) 45.

11. Why have the inscriptions been included?
(a) So lovers of art will understand the connection between Blake's poems and visual art.
(b) So that students can better understand Blake's work.
(c) So that passionate fans of William Blake's can learn more about him through his artwork.
(d) So Blake would feel his work was being adequately taught.

12. During this part of the story Urizen does what?
(a) Dies.
(b) Ascends.
(c) Descends.
(d) Falls.

13. As what has Blake's value been acknowledged?
(a) As a storyteller.
(b) As both an artist and a printer.
(c) As a businessman.
(d) As a poet.

14. This portion is devoted to what?
(a) The last of the Days of the Four Zoas.
(b) The last of the Nights of the Four Zoas.
(c) The last of the Evenings of the Four Zoas.
(d) The last of the Mornings of the Four Zoas.

15. Much of the rest of this chapter is dedicated to what?
(a) Blake's poetry.
(b) Blake's visual arts.
(c) Blake's short stories.
(d) Blake's epics.

Short Answer Questions

1. "...any loving woman is sure to be loved [regardless of her physical form] beneficial and highly valued" is what?

2. There is more than one subgroup of the author's writings being brought together into this summary chapter, including a set of how many poems?

3. The author then moves on to extol the virtues of what kind of love?

4. Their relation to the mystical and the divine also sets them apart from what in their form?

5. Blake takes readers to this spiritual space that somehow defies normal comprehension by giving what impression?

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