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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 1, Book 1 : Chapter 4, Jerusalem.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Blake attempts to explain what's connection to feminine and female "space" is in contrast to male or masculine "space"?
(a) The Spectre's.
(b) The Void's.
(c) Albion's.
(d) The Earth's.

2. Blake says there is something about the resurrection that relates to the reality of the Imagination and what else?
(a) The mind as spirit.
(b) The body as an entity.
(c) The body as spirit.
(d) The mind as a being.

3. What modern technology has been applied in order to make discovery and rediscovery of some parts of William Blake's artworks possible?
(a) Infra-red photography.
(b) Carbon dating.
(c) MRI.
(d) Cat scan.

4. Blake was a _________________ by profession.
(a) Author and poet.
(b) Construction worker.
(c) Teacher.
(d) Printer and painter.

5. What is a natural side effect of employing this aspect?
(a) Blake believes England is weak.
(b) Blake contradicts Christianity.
(c) Blake conjures the powers of Druidry.
(d) Blake argues against religion.

Short Answer Questions

1. It becomes clear Blake has set forth how many different arguments?

2. This lore includes the perception that in a healthy Albion, with the Bards, Druids and mighty oak groves, the power is far greater than that strange, foreign land that harbors what city?

3. From what is knowledge derived?

4. Regarding what Blake states, how is it different from the first illuminated print?

5. This first prophecy features what?

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