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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Trygaeus ask his servants and daughter not to do?
(a) Not to follow him on another beetle.
(b) Not to clean the house.
(c) Not to pass gas or use the bathroom for 3 days.
(d) Not to go to Sparta.

2. What technique does Strepsiades use to justify the beatings he gave to his father?
(a) Cartesian logic.
(b) Non-linear logic.
(c) Sound logic.
(d) Twisted logic.

3. What are Bdelycleon and his father, Philocleon's, views on Cleon?
(a) Bdelycleon loves Cleon and Philocleon hates Cleon.
(b) They both love Cleon.
(c) Bdelycleon hates Cleon and Philocleon loves Cleon.
(d) They both hate Cleon.

4. When Dicaeopolis fears the mob, who does Dicaeopolis go to see for help?
(a) Seneca.
(b) Aeschylus.
(c) Euripides.
(d) The Persian king.

5. How does Bdelycleon counter his father's arguments?
(a) He says politicians are the ones with real power and use the court for personal gain.
(b) He says that judges have too much power and the courts should be disbanded.
(c) He says that defendants have too much power over judges.
(d) He says that the people attending the courts are too old.

6. Why does Dicaeopolis go to see the playwright?
(a) To go hunting with him.
(b) To borrow the beggar costume.
(c) To have him write a speech.
(d) To help him write a play.

7. How is Cleon outbid for support at the Boule?
(a) The merchant goes on strike.
(b) The sausage seller promises free food to the council.
(c) The sausage seller threatens the council.
(d) Cleon is not outbid.

8. Upon his arrival at the think-shop, how is Strepsiades greeted?
(a) Somebody takes his toga.
(b) Somebody takes his gloves.
(c) Somebody takes his cloak.
(d) Somebody takes his shoes.

9. After the charges of crimes, who wins the contest of defending themselves to the Knights?
(a) The merchant.
(b) Cleon.
(c) The backer.
(d) The sausage merchant.

10. What are Demosthenes and Nicias doing the night of the play?
(a) They are sleeping.
(b) Playing cards.
(c) Talking military tactics.
(d) Getting drunk and stealing wine.

11. What proposal does Amphitheus make to Dicaeopolis?
(a) To help him flee to Sparta.
(b) To broker a private peace deal between Athens and Sparta.
(c) To help him defeat Sparta.
(d) To help him find a wife.

12. After his father's attempts to escape, what does Bdelycleon fear?
(a) That his slaves will escape.
(b) That his father will try to sell another donkey.
(c) That his slaves will help his father.
(d) That other legal maniacs will try to free his father.

13. In Peace, after much effort by the chorus, who comes out of the unblocked entrance?
(a) Harvesthome alone.
(b) Peace alone.
(c) Peace, Harvesthome and Mayfair.
(d) Mayfair alone.

14. Who are the real gods according to the teacher at the think-shop?
(a) Birds.
(b) Dogs.
(c) Cats.
(d) Women shaped clouds.

15. How successful is Dicaeopolis' argument to the crowd?
(a) Everyone is convinced.
(b) Half of the crowd is convinced and the other half is not.
(c) No one is convinced.
(d) Women are convinced and men are not.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the two slaves collecting for their master's beetle at the start of Peace?

2. What does one of the gods who remained in heaven plan on doing to the Greek cities?

3. What prevented peace from being released sooner according to Trygaeus and Hermes?

4. Who are Cleon and his rival trying to convince of their worth?

5. What must Athenians and Trygaeus' servants prepare for when Trygaeus returns?

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