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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Plutus.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is going to war while Dicaeopolis is at the contest?
(a) The Acharnians.
(b) Lamachus.
(c) Amphitheus.
(d) Euripides.

2. Upon his arrival at the think-shop, how is Strepsiades greeted?
(a) Somebody takes his toga.
(b) Somebody takes his shoes.
(c) Somebody takes his cloak.
(d) Somebody takes his gloves.

3. Who is specifically targeted in Bdelycleon's counter-argument?
(a) Nobody is targeted.
(b) Cleon.
(c) The government as a whole.
(d) Siseron.

4. What happened to the Acharnians' farms before the play begins?
(a) They were burned down by Spartans.
(b) They were sold to Sparta.
(c) They had good crops.
(d) They were built on loose soil.

5. What convinced Sparta to make the proposal?
(a) The women of Sparta refuse to clean clothes.
(b) The women of Sparta refuse to prepare food.
(c) The women of Sparta refuse to have intercourse too.
(d) The Spartans were defeated by the Athenian army.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who arrives in the city after the chorus of men commiserates with Cinesias?

2. What are Eulipides and Pisthetaerus transforming into in the woods?

3. What do the envoys promise Blepyros when they escort him to his home?

4. Who do the men see women, according to Lysistrata?

5. What prevented peace from being released sooner according to Trygaeus and Hermes?

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