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Short Answer Questions

1. When was the Parisian insurrection defeated?

2. Marx, the man to whom the whole _________ of Europe owes more than to any one else.

3. The proletariat can no longer ____________ itself from the class which exploits and oppresses it.

4. When was this preface signed?

5. How many (at least) different editions of The Communist Manifesto have been republished in German?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where did the proletariat for the first time hold political power for two whole months?

2. What does this preface have to say that all history has been?

3. Why is the preface to this edition only to be signed by one man?

4. What sprang up in the European working class, who had recovered sufficient strength for another attack on the ruling classes?

5. Whenever independent proletarian movements continued to show signs of life, what happened?

6. What drove into the background the social and political aspirations of the European working class?

7. Describe the burial of the answer to #43, as described by the remaining author.

8. What was the situation with the Prussian police and the Central Board of the Communist League?

9. Why does Engels have to re-translate from the Russian version of The Communist Manifesto?

10. Who found their salvation from the proletarian during the Russian Revolution?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

It seems that Marx wants to make the proletariat the ruling class, but this seems to be contradictory.

Part 1: If the proletariat are the ruling class, how is this different from the society's construct before that change?

Part 2: Does this idea seem to go against Communism?

Part 3: What problems might occur as a result of the proletariat being in charge?

Essay Topic 2

Many have argued that Communism does not leave any room for the individual, their needs, wants and growth.

Part 1: What does the individual have to gain from Communism?

Part 2: What does the individual have to lose from the use of Communism?

Part 3: What role do religion and culture have to play in Communism?

Essay Topic 3

The government doesn't seem to be mentioned as a part of the process of changing society in Marx's text.

Part 1: Why do you think government reforms aren't considered to be valid in the process of changing society?

Part 2: In today's world, how could the government step in to change the class structure? Could it?

Part 3: Does the government seem to be a part of the problem of class struggles? Why or why not?

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