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Short Answer Questions

1. What version in 1886 is considered by Engels to be the best published translation to date?

2. What Communist group is referred to in #149?

3. The small and middle land ownership of the farmers is succumbing to the ______ of giant farms.

4. On what date was this preface signed?

5. Where is Marx buried?

Short Essay Questions

1. First published in Germany, twelve editions are said to be republished in what other countries?

2. What does this preface have to say that all history has been?

3. What occurred in London in November 1847?

4. Who found their salvation from the proletarian during the Russian Revolution?

5. What event was The Communist Manifesto supposed to be printed before?

6. Who was the translator of the first Russian edition of The Communist Manifesto?

7. Describe the burial of the answer to #43, as described by the remaining author.

8. What is the state of land ownership in Russia?

9. Where in New York was a translation of The Communist Manifesto published?

10. Where did the proletariat for the first time hold political power for two whole months?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The two classes that Marx focuses on seem to be either adding to the problems or suffering as a result of the problems.

Part 1: Define the idea of the proletariat.

Part 2: Define the idea of the bourgeoisie.

Part 3: Compare and contrast these classes as well as redefine them in terms of today's societal labels.

Essay Topic 2

Capitalism, in Marx's opinion, seems to be the root of all evil.

Part 1: Define the idea of capitalism.

Part 2: What makes capitalism something that is necessary in society?

Part 3: How does capitalism hurt society?

Essay Topic 3

The proletariat seem to be the ones that are meant to change the world.

Part 1: Why are the proletariat called upon to revolt?

Part 2: Why haven't previous proletariat revolutions been successful?

Part 3: How have the proletariat already worked together to change their lives?

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