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Short Answer Questions

1. "When Christian ideas succumbed in the ___________ century to rationalist ideas, feudal society fought its death battle with the then revolutionary bourgeoisie."

2. Who supports the Radicals?

3. _________ of all countries, unite!

4. From what were the bourgeoisie first developed?

5. In almost all of these classes are subordinate ___________.

Short Essay Questions

1. The Communists fight for the attainment of what kinds of aims?

2. Who are the authors of the Communist Manifesto?

3. What revolution is given as an example for a society that abolished feudal property?

4. Who were the precursors of the modern bourgeoisie?

5. What languages was the Communist Manifesto meant to be published in?

6. Why do the Communists have the advantage over others?

7. What do the authors say is already acknowledged by all the European powers to be itself a power?

8. When do the German communists rise up and fight in their land?

9. Describe the party that the Poles support.

10. How are the Communists distinguished from the Working class parties?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Marx talks at length about the different kinds of Communist literature that are available.

Part 1: What are the three main subsets of Communist literature?

Part 2: How are these subsets broken up further?

Part 3: Define each category of literature, what it includes, and its purpose.

Essay Topic 2

The government doesn't seem to be mentioned as a part of the process of changing society in Marx's text.

Part 1: Why do you think government reforms aren't considered to be valid in the process of changing society?

Part 2: In today's world, how could the government step in to change the class structure? Could it?

Part 3: Does the government seem to be a part of the problem of class struggles? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Though the arguments in The Communist Manifesto are found, the idea of communism is not something that has spread throughout the world.

Part 1: Do you think the argument in this text is strong? How? Why?

Part 2: Why has Communism not been as effective in today's world as Marx envisioned?

Part 3: Do you see Communism as a viable societal construct? Why or why not?

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