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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What translation of The Communist Manifesto was supposed to be printed in Constantinople but did not occur?
(a) Arabian
(b) Greek
(c) Turkish
(d) Armenian

2. What did the United States and Russia provide for Europe?
(a) Raw materials
(b) Example
(c) Advice
(d) Literature

3. Where was the preface of this preface signed?
(a) Paris
(b) Moscow
(c) London
(d) Berlin

4. When was the revolution in Russia?
(a) 1847-48
(b) 1848-49
(c) 1847-50
(d) 1847-49

5. Who already proclaimed the aim which is the answer to #174?
(a) Communist League
(b) The March to Freedom
(c) Geneva Group of Communist Supporters
(d) Geneva Congress of the International

Short Answer Questions

1. More than half the land in common in Russia is held by whom?

2. Where were the proletariat first able to hold political power?

3. An authentic English version of The Communist Manifesto was translated by whom?

4. When was the group in #150 tried?

5. Where was this preface signed?

Short Essay Questions

1. First published in Germany, twelve editions are said to be republished in what other countries?

2. Who used to supply raw materials to Europe while also being the market for the sale of its industrial products?

3. Describe the burial of the answer to #43, as described by the remaining author.

4. Who found their salvation from the proletarian during the Russian Revolution?

5. What does this preface have to say that all history has been?

6. Where was The Communist Manifesto first published in English?

7. What event was The Communist Manifesto supposed to be printed before?

8. What sprang up in the European working class, who had recovered sufficient strength for another attack on the ruling classes?

9. What was the aim of the International Working Men's Association?

10. What was the situation with the Prussian police and the Central Board of the Communist League?

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