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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where was a Russian translation published in the sixties?
(a) Geneva
(b) Lithuania
(c) Poland
(d) Moscow

2. How long were the members of the group in #150 imprisoned?
(a) 1 year
(b) They weren't
(c) 18 months
(d) 2 years

3. How many (at least) different editions of The Communist Manifesto have been republished in German?
(a) 10
(b) 20
(c) 15
(d) 12

4. An authentic English version of The Communist Manifesto was translated by whom?
(a) Benjamin Franklin
(b) Thomas Stansfield
(c) Samuel Moore
(d) Karl Smith

5. Where were the proletariat first able to hold political power?
(a) Munich Order
(b) Paris Congress
(c) Berlin Mass
(d) Paris Commune

6. Where was the New York version of The Communist Manifesto printed?
(a) New York Minute
(b) Le Socialiste
(c) New Yorker Magazine
(d) New York Times

7. "We could not have called it a _____________ manifesto."
(a) Truthful
(b) New
(c) Old
(d) Socialist

8. What did the United States and Russia provide for Europe?
(a) Raw materials
(b) Example
(c) Literature
(d) Advice

9. Who is the author of this preface?
(a) Marx
(b) Engels
(c) Moore
(d) Lenin

10. When was the revolution in Russia?
(a) 1847-50
(b) 1847-48
(c) 1847-49
(d) 1848-49

11. When the European working class had recovered sufficient strength for another attack on the ruling classes, the ___________ sprang up.
(a) Communist League
(b) International Working Men's Association
(c) The International Red Stronghold
(d) Communist Workers

12. The Communist Manifesto seeks to dissolve modern __________ property.
(a) Bourgeois
(b) Common
(c) Farming
(d) Proletariat

13. What is already growing on Marx's grave?
(a) A rose
(b) First grass
(c) A promise
(d) A flower

14. Who owned the Red Republican?
(a) John Smith
(b) Geroge Julian Harney
(c) Karl Marx
(d) Friedrich Engels

15. The first Russian translation of The Communist Manifesto was translated by whom?
(a) Brosko
(b) Mordras
(c) Lenin
(d) Bakunin

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the Russian form of primeval common ownership of land called?

2. When was the Parisian insurrection defeated?

3. When did the Danish edition of The Communist Manifesto occur?

4. Where was the first English version of The Communist Manifesto printed?

5. How much time has elapsed since that last edition of The Communist Manifesto?

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