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Lesson 1 (from 1848)


In 1848, one of the most influential documents of our time was published - The Communist Manifesto. At that time, as well as now, it was considered revolutionary, important, and yet it was feared at the same time. Today's objective is to discuss The Communist Manifesto in terms of how it was viewed then as opposed to now.


1. Have each student share with the class what they thought when they first saw they had to read this particular book. What did they think it would include?

2. In smaller groups, have students discuss their initial ideas as to what they thought Communism was before they read this book. Since reading this first preface, how have their ideas changed? Or have they not?

3. As a class, have students discuss how they think The Communist Manifesto is viewed today. Are there any active Communist groups they know of? How...

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