The City of Ember Fun Activities

Jeanne DuPrau
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Have an Assignment Day

Have each student write an imaginary assignment on a slip of paper. Collect all the slips and then have students draw for assignments.

Draw Lina's city

Have students create a drawing like the one Lina created of the city she imagined.

Dress it up

Have students dress up like any character from the story.

Alternative egress

Have students come up with some other means of leaving the city.

Put on a play

Break students into groups. Assign each group a section of the story and have the groups act out their assigned section so that the entire story is seen.

Write the Song of Ember

Have students write a verse to either of the songs performed during Singing Day. Remind students to focus on the things important to Ember, such as the river or the darkness.

Who am I?

Have a student pretend to...

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