The City and the City Character Descriptions

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Tyador Borlú

The protagonist, this character is a member of the Extreme Crime Squad and investigates the murder of a young woman.

Lizbyet Corwi

This character is a smart young constable who helps the protagonist investigate the murder of a young woman.

Mahalia Geary

This character's body is discovered at the beginning of the novel and sets off an investigation in two cities.

Yorj Syedr

A member of the Oversight Committee, this character is a National Bloc leader considered to be a bully.

Mikyael Khurusch

This petty criminal owned the van that transported the victim between cities.

David Bowden

This character is the author of Between the City and the City. This character previously gained notoriety for his beliefs about a secret city.

Qussim Dhatt

A senior detective in Ul Qoma, this character works with the protagonist to investigate the murder.

Yolanda Rodriguez

This character was close friends with...

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