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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Homer reaches the town where Candy and Wally live, Homer takes to spending time with whom on his boat?
(a) Ray Kendall.
(b) Wally.
(c) Mr. Rose.
(d) David.

2. Two weeks after Wally's plane goes down, the Army Air Force visits Olive to tell her that it's a good sign that what happened?
(a) Wally was taken prisoner.
(b) The plane didn't explode in the air.
(c) Wally was heard calling for help.
(d) Wally had his dog with him.

3. The day after the movies is the day that what event takes place in Chapter 8?
(a) The bombing of Pearl Harbor.
(b) The outbreak of the Vietnam War.
(c) The outbreak of the Korean War.
(d) The start of World War I.

4. Where do Candy and Homer make love for the first time?
(a) At St. Cloud's.
(b) In Wally's bedroom.
(c) In the cider house.
(d) In the Worthington home.

5. The apple pickers are not staying in the cider house because of what reason in Chapter 9?
(a) They don't have enough apples.
(b) It is too hot.
(c) They don't have enough gas to get there.
(d) It is too cold.

6. It takes how long for Homer to write his first letter to Dr. Larch after leaving the orphanage in Chapter 6?
(a) 5 years.
(b) 3 days.
(c) 6 weeks.
(d) 4 months.

7. Who writes Homer a letter to find out why he hasn't filled out his questionnaire yet in Chapter 8?
(a) Candy.
(b) Nurse Edna.
(c) Wally.
(d) Debra Pettigrew.

8. The night before Wally comes home from the hospital in Chapter 10, Candy tells Homer that no matter what happens, they have to promise to do what?
(a) Tell Wally immediately.
(b) Always share Angel.
(c) Never tell Ray.
(d) Never tell Wally.

9. In response to the request of the new board members, Dr. Larch starts writing follow-up descriptions for what in Chapter 7?
(a) Each surgery.
(b) Each orphan.
(c) Each abortion.
(d) Each birth.

10. Who shows up Ocean View asking for Homer in Chapter 10?
(a) Mr. Rose.
(b) Candy.
(c) Melony.
(d) Lorna.

11. When Homer asks some of the women workers about the cider house rules, they explain that who writes the rules every year?
(a) Olive Worthington.
(b) Ray Kendall.
(c) Fuzzy Stone.
(d) Grace Lynch.

12. What does D and C stand for?
(a) Duty and courage.
(b) Distribution and commerce.
(c) Dilation and curettage.
(d) Duration and courage.

13. Who is reading to the girl orphans at the beginning of Chapter 6?
(a) Candy.
(b) Angel.
(c) Edna.
(d) Melony.

14. On Thanksgiving in Chapter 8, the Worthingtons are hosting the dinner, which includes Candy and whom?
(a) Ray Kendall.
(b) Dr. Larch.
(c) Mr. Rose.
(d) Melony.

15. Who sends a sizable donation to the orphanage in Chapter 6?
(a) Mrs. Channing-Peabody.
(b) Debra Pettigrew.
(c) Olive Worthington.
(d) Grace Lynch.

Short Answer Questions

1. Melony makes up a story about having what which keeps the men from bothering her in Chapter 7?

2. What did Olive Worthington die of in the novel?

3. Dr. Larch goes out of his way to set up a P.O. Box for whom to receive his mail in Chapter 7?

4. When Melony gets to Bath, she finds a job working where in Chapter 8?

5. By what nickname does Melony think of Homer in Chapter 6?

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