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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. By what age is Homer learning to be a doctor, seen a live birth, learned how to perform abortions, and having routine sex with Melony in Chapter 3?
(a) 13.
(b) 14.
(c) 18.
(d) 16.

2. When Wally asks some of the men working at his parents' orchard about abortion, one of the men tells him to talk to whom in Chapter 4?
(a) Mary Agnes.
(b) Grace Lynch.
(c) Olive Worthington.
(d) Debra Pettigrew.

3. Dr. Larch asks Homer to perform an autopsy on what in Chapter 5?
(a) A dead fetus.
(b) An old man.
(c) A teenage girl.
(d) A horse.

4. How many of John Irving's novels have been adapted to film?
(a) 7.
(b) 10.
(c) 13.
(d) 5.

5. Two boys from the orphanage playing outside fall over the dead and frozen body of whom in Chapter 5?
(a) The stationmaster.
(b) David Copperfield.
(c) Nurse Caroline.
(d) Dr. Wilbur Larch.

6. When Homer turns to Gray's Anatomy for additional information on the fetus in Chapter 5, the fetus information is where in the book?
(a) The end.
(b) The glossary.
(c) The middle.
(d) The intro.

7. Dr. Larch tells Wally and Candy about Homer's what, in Chapter 5?
(a) Anger problems.
(b) Math skills.
(c) Medications.
(d) Heart condition.

8. Homer keeps the photograph shown to him by Melony hidden where in Chapter 3?
(a) Under his mattress.
(b) Behind a mirror.
(c) Behind a bookshelf.
(d) In a desk.

9. How does Homer feel about Candy when he first meets her in Chapter 5?
(a) He thinks she is arrogant.
(b) He thinks she is misinformed.
(c) He finds her unattractive.
(d) He falls in love with her.

10. Homer discovers the abortions that take place at the orphanage when he discovers what in a wastebasket?
(a) A medical report.
(b) A scalpel.
(c) A fetus.
(d) A medical bill.

11. In Chapter 4, a pregnant woman comes to St. Cloud's and collapses in the dispensary from what?
(a) Scurvy.
(b) Eclampsia.
(c) Heart attack.
(d) Amnesia.

12. What did Wilbur Larch contract as a result of his father's graduation gift?
(a) AIDS.
(b) Herpes.
(c) Gonorrhea.
(d) Syphillis.

13. When Dr. Larch catches Homer searching his office, Dr. Larch tells Homer what in Chapter 3?
(a) Get out.
(b) He is no longer his assistant.
(c) He is not allowed to view the mother's files.
(d) He doesn't keep records of the biological mothers.

14. What orphan from the orphanage had respiratory problems causing him/her to sleep in a special tent to help with breathing?
(a) Homer.
(b) Wally Worthington.
(c) Fuzzy Stone.
(d) Melony.

15. What was the name of John Irving's first novel?
(a) The World According to Garp.
(b) The Water-Method Man.
(c) The 158-Pound Marriage.
(d) Setting Free the Bears.

Short Answer Questions

1. When was John Irving born?

2. After graduating from medical school, Dr. Larch delivers babies where?

3. What kind of car does Wally's father own in the novel?

4. After the prostitute dies, her daughter comes to see Dr. Larch and hands him a brown bottle that contains a solution promising to do what in Chapter 2?

5. What woman from a high-society family in Boston invites Dr. Larch to a croquet party in Chapter 2?

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