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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What college did Wilbur Larch attend for his undergraduate degree?
(a) Harvard Medical School.
(b) Exeter College.
(c) Cambridge University.
(d) Bowdoin College.

2. When Homer sneaks into the baby room in Chapter 3, he finds one of the expectant mothers standing there who asks him to do what?
(a) Call the nurses.
(b) Help her leave the building.
(c) Make her some tea.
(d) Sleep with his hand and ear on her belly.

3. What is the book that Dr. Larch chooses for Homer to read to the girls at the orphanage?
(a) Grey's Anatomy.
(b) Jane Eyre.
(c) The Bible.
(d) David Copperfield.

4. Melony tells Homer that she will do to him what the woman is doing in the picture if he will do what in Chapter 3?
(a) Get her some ether.
(b) Run away with her.
(c) Get her file from the orphanage office.
(d) Stay at the orphanage forever.

5. What is Homer's last name in the novel?
(a) Wells.
(b) Stone.
(c) Larch.
(d) Worthington.

6. When Wally asks some of the men working at his parents' orchard about abortion, one of the men tells him to talk to whom in Chapter 4?
(a) Grace Lynch.
(b) Mary Agnes.
(c) Debra Pettigrew.
(d) Olive Worthington.

7. Homer discovers the abortions that take place at the orphanage when he discovers what in a wastebasket?
(a) A medical bill.
(b) A medical report.
(c) A scalpel.
(d) A fetus.

8. In Chapter 2, the author describes a place off what street that performs the illegal abortions without a medical doctor?
(a) Washington Boulevard.
(b) Harrison Street.
(c) Adams Way.
(d) Lincoln Street.

9. When Homer says goodbye to Dr. Larch, they tell each other what for the first time in Chapter 5?
(a) Religious viewpoints.
(b) Hopes for the future.
(c) Stories from childhood.
(d) They love each other.

10. Homer sends a note to Melony to tell her what when he goes to read for the girls in Chapter 3?
(a) He enjoys the picture.
(b) He wants to go for a walk.
(c) He can't find her record.
(d) Dr. Larch is not gay.

11. Who is looking out the window when the car drives by leaving with Homer in the end of Chapter 5?
(a) Nurse Edna.
(b) Melony.
(c) Nurse Caroline.
(d) Angel.

12. In Chapter 2, Dr. Larch returns to the hospital with a girl how old who is pregnant by her father?
(a) 16.
(b) 13.
(c) 18.
(d) 15.

13. Dr. Larch tells Wally and Candy about Homer's what, in Chapter 5?
(a) Math skills.
(b) Medications.
(c) Anger problems.
(d) Heart condition.

14. When was John Irving born?
(a) 1942.
(b) 1952.
(c) 1923.
(d) 1930.

15. What is the birth name of Wally's mother in the novel?
(a) Becky Stewart.
(b) Alice Bean.
(c) Tiffany Rogers.
(d) Monica Williams.

Short Answer Questions

1. When was "The World According to Garp" published?

2. Melony picks up what while she and Homer are hanging out in one of the abandoned buildings by the river in Chapter 3?

3. What is the name of the daughter that a high-society woman wants Dr. Larch to perform an abortion on in Chapter 2?

4. What did Wally's mother change her first and last name to after marrying?

5. When did John Irving win the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for his script "The Cider House Rules"?

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