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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of Wally's girlfriend's father?
(a) Ray Kendall.
(b) John Kendall.
(c) Abraham Kendall.
(d) Clarence Kendall.

2. After the prostitute dies, her daughter comes to see Dr. Larch and hands him a brown bottle that contains a solution promising to do what in Chapter 2?
(a) Induce sleep.
(b) Cure cancer.
(c) Relieve headaches.
(d) Cause miscarriages.

3. Homer packs his bag and says goodbye to the two nurses while Dr. Larch starts the autopsy on whom in Chapter 5?
(a) Mr. Rose.
(b) Debra Pettigrew.
(c) The stationmaster.
(d) Mrs. Channing-Peabody.

4. Homer keeps the photograph shown to him by Melony hidden where in Chapter 3?
(a) Behind a mirror.
(b) In a desk.
(c) Behind a bookshelf.
(d) Under his mattress.

5. In Chapter 3, the first book Homer reads to the boys is what?
(a) David Copperfield.
(b) Jane Eyre.
(c) Grey's Anatomy.
(d) The Bible.

Short Answer Questions

1. Melony leads Homer to a picture on the wall where a woman is putting her mouth on what in Chapter 3?

2. Unknown to Dr. Larch, Melony, and Homer, who lay dead in the woods in Chapter 5?

3. In Chapter 2, the author describes a place off what street that performs the illegal abortions without a medical doctor?

4. Where did Wilbur Larch attend medical school?

5. What college did Wilbur Larch attend for his undergraduate degree?

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